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Gentle glow illuminating a room from a Himalayan salt lamp with wax melts and bath salt in  modern lounge - Fabulous Flowers

Healing Light Gift Set

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Healing Light Gift Set

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Healing Light Gift Set: A Journey through Salt Lamp Tranquillity

Himalayan Salt Lamps: Nature’s Elixir for Serenity

Step into the calming embrace of the Healing Light Gift Set, inspired by the therapeutic qualities of Himalayan salt lamps. These lamps, renowned for their beneficial properties, release negative ions that elevate air purity, mitigate stress, and promote restful sleep. Our gift set features a meticulously designed salt lamp, adding a touch of elegance to any decor while diffusing a gentle, soothing light.

A Bathing Ritual with Rose and Vanilla

The salt lamp's calm is beautifully complemented by the set’s rose and vanilla bath salts. Crafted with superior Epsom salts, they guarantee a transformative bath experience. Immerse yourself in the gentle fragrances of rose and vanilla, transporting you to a sanctuary of calm. The therapeutic nature of these salts invigorates your muscles and joints, rendering every bath a luxurious respite.

The Quintessential Gesture of Care

Searching for the perfect token of affection? The Healing Light Gift Set fits the bill. Apt for various occasions – from birthdays to anniversaries or just a heartfelt gesture, this ensemble merges the calming allure of a salt lamp with the refreshing qualities of Epsom bath salts. Beautifully presented, it epitomizes relaxation.

Harmony in Soy Wax Melts: Rose, Geranium, and Jasmine

Indulge in aromatic splendour with our Harmony Soy Wax Melts, rich with the floral notes of Rose, Geranium, and Jasmine. Crafted meticulously from high-quality soy wax, these melts represent a pristine burn and an allegiance to sustainability.

Upon melting, they unveil a mesmerizing bouquet of fragrances, capturing nature's serene beauty. The intoxicating scent of rose, paired with the rejuvenating geranium and the sensual jasmine, crafts an ambience steeped in tranquillity and grace. A splendid complement to the Healing Light Gift Set, they elevate its essence of serenity.

Fabulous Gifts: Pioneers in Pan-National Gifting

Dedicated to the ethos of grandeur and sophistication, Fabulous Gifts extends its reach beyond Cape Town's perimeters. Our hand-selected assortment of gift boxes and snack hampers aims to sprinkle happiness nationwide. Every meticulously curated hamper houses a medley of elite products, making each recipient bask in sheer luxury.

Prompt Deliveries: Spanning the Nation

Gifting is about moments; at Fabulous Gifts, we ensure those moments are timely. With a commitment to delivering within 2-4 business days, we always ensure your tokens of affection are punctual. Be it a token of appreciation, a celebration, or a simple gesture of love, our national range of gift boxes and snack hampers embodies class and refinement.

Expertly Curated, Lovingly Dispatched

Each gift box and hamper from Fabulous Gifts is a testament to our attention to detail. We meticulously select the choicest snacks and couple them with opulent products, reflecting our brand's sophisticated essence. Choosing Fabulous Gifts isn’t merely about gifting an item; it's about bestowing an experience and crafting memories that linger.

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X X (Cape Town, ZA)
Best gift ever!

One of the most loved gifts Ive ever sent. My sister loved the colour and the ambience of the light and the extra little bidy gifts with it was the cherry on top!