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Birthday Gifts For Her Gift Guide

🎁 Birthday Gifts For Her 🎉 Surprise her with the perfect birthday gift 🎀 From luxury flower bouquets to personalised hampers 🎂 Discover thoughtful ideas to make her special day unforgettable 🎈

Birthday Gifts For Her - Make her Birthday Special this Year


When your birthday rolls around you expect a birthday card, lots of amazing gifts and a fantastic time with family and friends, a lot of time and thought can go into finding the perfect gift for the birthday girl on her special day. Here are some tips to help you find the ultimate birthday treat for yourself or someone you love and appreciate, and make sure your birthday celebration is perfect.

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Surprise Her with a Birthday Gift Hamper

Surprise her with a birthday gift hamper from a Cape Town Florist, Fabulous Flowers & Gifts. These hampers can include treats for the sweet tooth, spa products for the pampered, teas and coffees and so much more. Nothing says “Happy Birthday!” like our gourmet gift boxes (nationwide delivery), fresh long-stemmed roses and our large selction of flowers, and our delectable selection of fine wine. Check out our range of gifts and make her birthday extra special.

Luxury Flower Bouquets and Arrangements

As one of Cape Town’s top florists, Fabulous Flowers delivers stunning bouquets, gift hampers and fresh luxury and bespoke flower bouquets, arrangements and plants as birthday gifts for her in Cape Town and surrounding areas. Choose from peonies (when in season), fresh roses, gerbera daisies, lilies and a bunch of gorgeous greenery to make the perfect birthday gift.

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Quick and Easy Online Ordering

If you need to get in touch, visit our studio at 18 Toffie Lane, Dreyer Street, Claremont, Cape Town or order flowers online. You can order birthday gift packages for her, birthday gift sets for her, birthday baskets for her and even a happy birthday gift box. Ordering birthday gifts for her online is quick and easy with your favourite Cape Town florist and gift shop.

Think of Her

When buying a gift, try to think of the person. Some people won’t like funny cards or gifts, others will love them. Everyone is different and the most remembered and unique gifts are those where the sender has thought of the recipient with love. This applies to standard and decorative birthday cards and gifts as well.

Personalised home decor items can be lovely and treasured gifts to add a special touch to the kitchen or bathroom.

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Best Birthday Gift Delivery in Cape Town

There are many places that sell birthday gifts for ladies for her in Cape Town but if you are looking for the best birthday gift delivery then we have got you covered. Once you’ve decided on the type and quality of birthday gift for her, order directly from our website. If you need help, get in touch with us. We’d be more than happy to assist.

Custom Gifts and Great Service

Show someone how special they are by buying custom gifts that are luxurious, special and unique with great service and care throughout the process. For almost 25 years Fabulous Flowers has created beautiful gifts that people love and appreciate. Fabulous Flowers is known for birthday gifts for her with a wide range of options to suit any budget and ensure your order is in good hands.

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Easy and Chic Birthday Decor

Birthday decorating ideas are easy when you have young children. Kids give you options every day and anyone who knows a child knows they have a favourite cartoon or TV character. These themes make birthday decorating ideas fun and bright. Sometimes it’s better to keep it simple and working with colour is a sure fire way to create a party atmosphere that both kids and adults will love for their birthdays.

Teen Birthday Party Themes

As kids grow up, teenage parties can be more complicated when it comes to decorations and what needs to be done to make the day special. Common themes for birthday decorating ideas for South African teenagers are beach themes, Hawaii and luxurious floral arrangements in your home or event space. Other teen themes are camping out, Mystery Theatre and masquerades.

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Birthday Gift for Mom

It’s that time of year again and you always try to top last year’s gift. Of course we’re talking about the best birthday present for Mom. Every year you want it to be unique, something your mom will remember every time she thinks of you. Last year you and your siblings chipped in and sent her a beautiful big bouquet and gift box for her 50th birthday. That was the gift to top all gifts but it doesn’t mean you can’t give her something just as special every other time. Mom appreciates every little thing; it doesn’t matter if it’s a dandelion picked from the front yard in a small glass of water. It’s the thought that counts, right?

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Luxury Gifts to Spoil Mom

Start searching online for the best selection of unique birthday gifts from your local Cape Town florist. Flowers are always lovely and in many cases can be delivered same day. Choose luxury pyjamas, spa gift vouchers, gold and silver jewellery, silk scarves, perfume and skincare products to spoil your mom. Unique gift baskets with all her favourites are a great birthday gift for Mom.

Special and Personalised Gifts

Your mom is your friend is always your mom and no one can ever replace her so thank her for everything with a special birthday gift. Consider a unique personalised gift just for her. An engraved Italian leather briefcase or necklace for example is a thoughtful and elegant option. You’ll know the perfect gift when you see it because you’ll be able to imagine the look on your mom’s face when she opens it.

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18th Birthday Gift Delivery Ideas for Her

Why do kids want to grow up so fast? This is a mystery to many but the 18th birthday is a big deal. It’s not only a celebration of making it to adulthood but also a moment of celebration for the parents. For many the 18th birthday means adulthood and life has begun.

Go Big with Gifts

Have you had your 18th birthday yet? Many teenagers and parents like to go all out with these celebrations. Think cakes, friends, no more curfews and relaxation. You made it through the awkward years. Send gifts nationwide with Fabulous Flowers to celebrate this milestone in style.

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Special and Unforgettable Gift Ideas

Think luxurious, special and unique gifts for this special birthday girl. Whether it’s fresh flowers, elegant jewellery or a personalised gift box the right gift will make her feel loved and celebrated. Order online for next day delivery so the happy birthday the girl gets her gift on time.

Romantic Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

Finding romantic birthday ideas can be a tough job. One of my best friends, Jim, is a great guy but she's been what you would call unlucky in love. This year however it would be different. This year he was dating Brenda and Brenda was a keeper. I would help him choose the a great gift that is romantic as well.

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Considerate and Personalised Gifts

For Brenda I thought her most romantic birthday gifts would be ones that catered to her other interests to show Jim cared about her as a person. When I told Jim this he immediately dropped most of his grand romantic gift ideas. Instead he realised the most romantic birthday ideas for her were considerate and personal. He would get her several books by her favourite authors and it turned out to be the best gift.

Long Lasting with Fabulous Gifts

Whether it’s a thoughtful book, a beautiful bouquet or a luxurious pamper gift the right romantic birthday gift will leave a lasting impression. Fabulous Flowers and Gourmet Gift Boxes are the perfect treats for any occasion. Check out our Pamper Gift range for more ideas.

Celebrate with Fabulous Flowers and Gifts

The Mother City, Cape Town, is famous for its natural beauty and landscapes. The Cape is an incredible treasure house and trove of beautiful flora, including the local fynbos of the Cape Floral Kingdom which is one of the world’s six floral kingdoms.

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Send Birthday Gifts in Cape Town

Send birthday gifts for her in Cape Town by ordering on the Fabulous Flowers website. Choose from our gorgeous flowers and luxury gift boxes. Make sure to read our blog on How to Plan a Birthday Party, its a perfect guide to plan something special for someone you love.

Nationwide Delivery for Beautiful Gifts

Send gift hampers to Sandton, Johannesburg and other areas nationwide. Order birthday flowers and gift hampers from Cape Town’s top luxury bespoke retail and wedding florist. Flowers and gifts delivered with love.

Fabulous Flowers and Gifts have stunning flower arrangements, gift hampers and amazing personalised gifts to make every occasion of any birthday unforgettable. Shop with us for next day delivery and make every birthday a special one with our luxurious and thoughtful gifts.

FAQ: Birthday Gifts for Her

What is the best gift she's ever to give a lady on her birthday?

Personalised Jewellery: Custom pieces with her name or birthstone.

Luxurious Flowers: Elegant bouquets like roses or lilies.

Spa Day: Treat her to a day of relaxation.

What should I get my wife and my [relation] for her birthday?

Partner: Romantic dinner, jewellery, wine, chocolate or a surprise getaway.

Mother: Thoughtful gift baskets, personalised keepsakes, or premium skincare.

Friend: Trendy accessories, books, or a fun experience like a concert.

What do girls like for gifts?

Fashion Items: Stylish clothes or accessories.

Tech Gadgets: Smartwatches, headphones, or phone accessories.

Experiences: Tickets to events, cooking classes, or adventure activities.

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What is a sentimental gift?

Photo Album: A collection of cherished memories.

Custom Artwork: Portraits or personalised illustrations.

Handwritten Letters: Heartfelt messages expressing your appreciation and love. Read our blog on How to Wish Someone a Happy Birthday, for some great ideas and insights on birthday messages.