A Guide to Luxurious Anniversary Gifts for the People You Love


Our Anniversary Gifts range includes everything from traditional hamper gifts to luxury gift baskets, all beautifully presented and ready to send to the people you love. Our gift hampers include a variety of products including fresh fruit, chocolates, wine, sparkling wine, flowers, candles, bath salts, body lotions, soaps, baby gift baskets, and much more.

You can even create your own personalised gift hampers by contacting our customer care line by telephone at +27 21 674 7206/8 or by email info@fabulousflowers.co.za



Order an anniversary gourmet food hamper or gift basket through our online store and take advantage of our same-day delivery and nationwide service. Our Cape Town corporate gifts are created with the utmost care for your clients, colleagues and staff. You can choose from a tea and coffee gift or gift with wine, Champagne or our local gin, but we can also personalise the experience by creating unique gift boxes that represent your brand fabulously. Our range of pampering gifts for men or women makes a stunning happy birthday or anniversary gift. 

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"Every gift we create intends to help people connect with each other, deliver joy, happiness and care and be a beacon of hope and positivity in our world. Our customers appreciate the finer things in this life and love to give luxury gift hampers, fresh flowers and treats to the people they love in one of the world's most romantic and memorable cities. Enjoy our collection of gourmet gifts - we can't wait to create for you."


Fabulous Anniversary Gifts By Year

A Guide to Luxurious Anniversary Gifts for the People You Love

As a boutique florist, Fabulous Flowers provides beautiful, fresh, luxurious and bespoke flower bouquets, arrangements, plants, and gifts in Cape Town and the surrounding areas. We cater to various occasions, such as anniversaries, to ensure you can celebrate milestones and create unforgettable memories. Unsure about what to get your better half for your anniversary? Let our anniversary gift guide help you find the perfect present to mark the special day.

First Anniversary Gift Ideas: Paper

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For that extra special date of your first anniversary, a range of creative paper gifts can be meaningful and imaginative. Our custom-designed greeting cards, which can serve as love letters with handwritten messages, allow you to express your feelings intimately and personally. Celebrate your first wedding anniversary with Fabulous Flowers.

If you prefer a more luxurious option, consider our romantic getaway packages, complete with airline tickets to stunning destinations, creating unforgettable memories for you and your partner.

Although paper may seem like a boring gift, it offers a range of creative possibilities. From a heartfelt, handwritten poem to luxurious airline tickets for a romantic getaway, every occasion of the first anniversary can be celebrated with a thoughtful paper gift.

Best Anniversary Gifts for your Second Anniversary: Cotton

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Our second-anniversary cotton gift collection includes personalised clothing items, fashion jewellery, and other home décor and accessories, such as embroidered bathrobes, monogrammed pillowcases, or customised aprons. Each item can be tailored to suit your partner's preferences, making them feel truly special and cherished.

Cotton gifts, such as clothing or home items, can be comfortable and practical. By personalising a cotton item, you can create a one-of-a-kind present that truly reflects your relationship. These days, you can customise just about anything!

Perfect Anniversary Gifts for Your Third Anniversary: Leather

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Our luxurious leather gift range for your third anniversary includes stylish wallets, elegant purses, and personalised, even vegan leather accessories like engraved bracelets, custom-made briefcases, and embossed keychains.

These high-quality items combine functionality and style, ensuring your partner receives a gift they will treasure for years.

Leather gifts, like wallets and purses, are both stylish and functional. Consider gifting your partner a personalised leather bracelet or briefcase for a personal touch. The options are endless!

Fourth Wedding Anniversary Gift: Linen

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There are a plethora of fabric stores in Cape Town. To celebrate your fourth anniversary, look at purchasing beautiful linen items that blend comfort and style. Table linen collections feature exquisite tablecloths, runners, and napkins that elevate your dining experience.

Vacation linen shirts (or Guayaberas) provide a stylish and comfortable wardrobe addition.

Linen gifts like table linens are perfect for the fourth-anniversary gift. These items combine comfort and style, making them a delightful present for the golden year with your significant other.

Fifth Anniversary Gift Ideas: Wood

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Wooden gifts range from beautiful gift baskets with fabulous flowers to stylish furniture pieces. With so many options available, you will surely find something that will suit your partner's taste and preferences.

Our wooden vase gift collection for the fifth anniversary encompasses a range of items to suit various tastes and preferences. From elegant gift baskets, like the Country Basket, Creative Wood X-Large, Creative Wood Cape Flora, Creative Wood Sunshine Mix, Dusty Pink Rose Box, Succulent Surprise, Buttercups and Beauty, Bloom Blush, Red Rose Box for same-day delivery and our gift boxes and baskets filled with gourmet treats and snacks, we have the perfect gift covered for this happy anniversary occasion.

Sixth Anniversary Anniversary Gift: Iron

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Iron gifts, including candleholders, ceramic mugs and picture frames, make for beautiful home décor and decor items that will remind your partner of your strong bond whenever they see them.

Iron-based gifts for your marriage and sixth anniversary include decorative candleholders and intricate picture frames that make beautiful home decor items that will enhance your living space and constantly remind you of the strong bond you share with your partner.

Buy a unique wedding anniversary gift for the person you love. Please let us know if you have an iron container where we can arrange fresh flowers. We'd love to make date night or your wedding anniversary unforgettable with gift suggestions that provide a much more modern approach or alternative to anything you have gifted before.

Seventh Anniversary Gift: Copper or Wool

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Depending on whom you ask, copper or wool is the traditional gift for celebrating the occasion of the seventh anniversary. Copper gifts, such as vases and bowls, make elegant presents, while wool gifts, like sweaters and scarves, provide warmth and comfort.

Whether you choose copper or wool for your seventh anniversary, there are diverse gifts to suit your needs in Cape Town. Enjoy a copper collection with elegant vases and artistic bowls, while wool gifts include cosy sweaters and luxurious scarves. Each gift option can be tailored to your partner's tastes, ensuring a thoughtful and memorable present.

Eighth Anniversary Gift: Bronze

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Bronze gifts, like candleholders, vases, or trinkets, can be memorable keepsakes for your partner. Consider having a special item bronzed to create a unique and meaningful present that will last a lifetime.

Bronze gift options for celebrating your eighth anniversary include decorative candleholders, eye-catching vases, and unique trinkets that can be bronzed to create a one-of-a-kind keepsake. These visually stunning gifts remind you of your eternal love and commitment.

Ninth Anniversary Gift Option: Pottery

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Pottery gifts, such as sculptures, vases, and bowls, are artistic and practical. A great gift idea to celebrate the ninth anniversary is to attend a pottery class together, creating a fun and memorable experience you can both cherish.

Time is of the essence on special occasions such as anniversaries and Mother's Day, and relying on same-day delivery ensures your thoughtful gift or gesture arrives promptly. Like a stunning bouquet, a classic anniversary gift conveys your love and admiration. With the added convenience of same-day delivery, you can confidently surprise your partner or mother with an exquisite floral arrangement, even when life's busy schedule makes planning ahead a challenge. This timely service is a fantastic way to show you care by delivering the perfect gift to your doorstep, making any occasion memorable and heartfelt.

Tenth Anniversary: Tin or Aluminum

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Tin or aluminium gifts, like jewellery boxes or gift containers filled with goodies, can make unique and charming presents. Consider using gift basket containers made of tin or aluminium to add a special touch to your next gift-giving.

Eleventh to Twentieth Anniversaries

From the eleventh to fifteen years to the twentieth anniversary, various materials symbolise each year of marriage. These include steel, silk, lace, ivory, and crystal. Steel gifts like stainless steel watches or pendants are perfect for the eleventh anniversary. Silk items like pyjamas or sheets can make a luxurious gift for the twelfth. Lace gifts, including table linens and nightgowns, are ideal for the thirteenth anniversary, while ivory presents like brooches or sculptures can be given on the fourteenth. Lastly, crystal gifts like a Swarovski pendant, watch, or a personalised champagne flute can make the fifteenth anniversary memorable.

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Twenty-fifth to Fiftieth Anniversaries

Each milestone is marked by a precious material from the twenty-fifth anniversary year to the fiftieth anniversary. Silver jewellery or jewellery boxes make excellent gifts for the twenty-fifth (silver) anniversary, while china tableware is the perfect present for the twentieth. The thirtieth anniversary, symbolised by pearls, can be celebrated with a beautiful necklace or ring. Coral or jade gifts, such as vases, sculptures, or jewellery, are perfect for the thirty-fifth anniversary, and ruby jewellery makes a special fortieth-anniversary present.

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Fifty-fifth to Eightieth Anniversaries

Each year is represented by a precious gemstone or material for the fifty-fifth to the eightieth anniversary. Emerald jewellery is a fitting gift for the fifty-fifth anniversary, while diamond presents are ideal for the sixtieth. Blue sapphire gifts are perfect for the sixty-fifth anniversary, and platinum items like music boxes, coffee mugs, figurines, or jewellery are suitable for the seventieth. Finally, oak gifts, such as handmade furniture or wall shelves, symbolise the strength of a marriage that has lasted for eighty-eight years of marriage.

Celebrating milestones and anniversaries with unique and thoughtful gifts is a wonderful way to show your partner how much you care. Let Fabulous Flowers help you create lasting memories with our wide range of anniversary gifts and bespoke floral arrangements. With so many options available for each year of marriage, you're sure to find the perfect present to commemorate your special day. We courier our gift boxes nationwide to Sandton, Pretoria, Durban and more.

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The Ultimate Guide to Anniversary Flowers for Her: Make Her Day Unforgettable

Celebrating an anniversary is a momentous occasion, and finding the perfect way to express your love and appreciation for your partner is essential. One of the most timeless and heartfelt gestures is to present her with a special gift of a stunning bouquet of anniversary flowers. This comprehensive guide will walk you through choosing the perfect anniversary flowers, creating a special floral arrangement, and ensuring your flowers remain fresh and vibrant.

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Choosing the Perfect Anniversary Flowers

When selecting anniversary flowers for her, there are several factors to consider, such as traditional flower symbolism, the traditional color of anniversary flowers, and her personal preferences and flowers that say thank you for being in my life.

Understanding Flower Symbolism

Different flowers carry different meanings, which makes them suitable for various occasions. Here are some popular flowers and their meanings:

Roses: symbolise love, passion, and romance

Lilies: represent purity, devotion, and humility

Orchids: signify beauty, strength, and luxury

Tulips: convey love, happiness, and warmth

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Traditional Anniversary Flowers

Every anniversary has its unique flower symbolising the many years of marriage spent together. Here is a list of traditional flowers for significant years of marriage milestones:

  1. 1st Anniversary: Carnations

  2. 5th Anniversary: Daisies

  3. 10th Anniversary: Daffodils

  4. 15th Anniversary: Roses

  5. 20th Anniversary: Asters

  6. 25th Anniversary: Irises

  7. 30th Anniversary: Lilies

  8. 40th Anniversary: Gladiolus

  9. 50th Anniversary: Yellow Roses and Violets

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Creating a Memorable Floral Arrangement

An unforgettable anniversary bouquet goes beyond the choice of traditional colours of flowers. Enhance the impact of a personal message in your floral gift by adding personal touches and incorporating complementary elements.

Adding Personal Touches

  1. Incorporate her favourite flowers: Show her how well you know her by including her preferred blooms.

  2. Use meaningful colours: Choose colours that have sentimental value or represent your relationship.

  3. Add a heartfelt note: Attach a handwritten message expressing your love and appreciation.

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Incorporating Complementary Elements

  1. Vases: Present the flowers in a beautiful vase she can cherish and reuse.

  2. Chocolates and wine: Pair the flowers with her favourite chocolates and wine for an indulgent experience.

  3. Spa vouchers: Include a relaxing spa voucher to pamper her on your special day.

Caring for Your Anniversary Flowers

To ensure your anniversary flowers stay fresh and vibrant for as long as possible, follow these essential care tips:

  1. Trim the stems: Upon receiving the bouquet, cut about an inch off the bottom of each stem at a 45-degree angle. This helps the flowers absorb water more efficiently.

  2. Remove lower leaves: Strip any leaves submerged in water, as they can cause bacterial growth and reduce the flowers' lifespan.

  3. Use fresh water and flower food: Fill a clean vase with fresh water and add the provided flower food. Change the water and trim the stems every two to three days.

  4. Keep flowers away from heat and drafts: Place the bouquet in a cool location away from direct sunlight, heat sources, and drafts to prevent premature wilting.

  5. Monitor humidity: Flowers thrive in a humid environment. Place a bowl of water near the bouquet or mist the flowers occasionally to maintain humidity.

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An exquisite anniversary bouquet is a heartfelt way to express your love and celebrate your journey together. You can make your partner feel special on your anniversary by choosing the perfect flowers, creating a unique arrangement, and caring for the blooms. Remember, the thought and effort you put into your gift will make her day unforgettable.


  1. What is a good first-anniversary gift? A creative paper gift, such as a handwritten poem or airline tickets for a romantic getaway, is an excellent first-anniversary present.

  2. What materials are traditional for twentieth to fiftieth-anniversary gifts? Traditional materials for these anniversaries include china, pearl, coral, jade, and ruby.

  3. How can I personalise anniversary gifts? Customising clothing, jewellery, or home decor with engravings, monograms, or unique designs adds a personal touch.

  4. Are there any unique anniversary gift ideas for couples who enjoy experiences? Attending a pottery class together for your ninth anniversary or planning a romantic getaway are great experiential gifts.

  5. Where can I find bespoke anniversary gifts in Cape Town?

    Fabulous Flowers, a boutique florist in Cape Town, offers a wide range of unique, luxury, and bespoke anniversary gifts, including flower bouquets, arrangements, plants, and personalised presents to celebrate your special milestones.