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South Africa's Beautiful Flowers

South Africa's Beautiful Flowers

At the Southern tip of the African continent, South Africa boasts a rich diverse floral heritage. From the highveld regions around Johannesburg to the tropical and sub-tropical regions of KwaZulu Natal, from the desert and semi-desert areas of the Karoo to the Mediterranean climate of the South Western Cape. These diverse climatic conditions is the source of many unique plant species. The South Western Cape is a floral kingdom unique in the world. In the stretch of coastline between Saldanha Bay on the west coast of the Cape to Mossel Bay on the south coast, there are more plant types than in the whole of the North- and South American continents combined. Table Mountain, the well-known landmark to many visitors, boasts more plant types than in the whole of UK.

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History of the Flower Industry in South Africa

South Africa’s horticultural industry began in the 1920 and 1930’s. It was during these years that our country’s first horticultural projects started. The Dutch immigrants established themselves among indigenous South African flower growers.

Supporting Infrastructure

A very strong and well-established infrastructure supports the industry. We have banking, roads, telecom, electrical and airport infrastructure unparalleled in Africa which also compares favourably with the best in the world.

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The South African Flower Export Council

Binding the South African flower industry together is the South African Flower Export Council (SAFEC). SAFEC is a section 21 company, non-profit export council, supported by the four main producer organisations in South Africa.

The Council’s main objective is to forward the floricultural and horticultural industry by means of exports while building our export capacity through investment into the industry, as well as facilitating greater synergy amongst growers, getting more and better co-ordinated freight space and through building production capacity.

Source: Thanks to SA Flower for this interesting info!

South Africa is a diversity of people, animals and of course, flora! This video is a beautiful collage of the African Flowering Desert, Namaqualand. 

South African Flowers are some of the most beautiful in the world and people from all over planet earth travel to our beautiful country every year to visit the inviting and beautiful floral scenes and gardens. 

Some of the marvellous blooms that are favourites include:


This popular and gorgeous easy-to-grow plant is indigenous to the Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and eastern Mpumalanga in South Africa.  You will often see this plant flowering in Constantia Gardens here in Cape Town and of course, they are abundant at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens — and the orange clusters of flowers herald the beginning of spring.

The plants are happiest out of the sun, in shady areas, under trees, in containers or on a shady veranda or stoep. Clivia’s are also available in other colours, like pale yellow and deep reddish orange. 

When last do you visit these incredible places?

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens


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Dietes Grandiflora

These white, iris-like flowers are beautiful to behold and very delicate blooms.  Their yellow and lilac/mauve markings are subtle reminders of true nature of flowers.  Their presence, when planted in large groups, is quite a sight.  We love them.

A single flower only lasts a day, but because new flowers open continually, plant enough and you’re sure to have a magnificent spring display. Dietes Grandiflora will grow well in dry, shady or sunny areas and therefore are a great addition to your Cape Town garden.

Image Source: Gardenia.net

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Arum Lily

The elegant arum lily is a prominent feature in South African Gardens. The attractive white flowers with long, broad, dark green leaves stand out among other plants and add interest to flower beds across the country.  They are abundant in Cape Town and are often used in bridal bouquets and table arrangements.

Arum Lilies flower during winter and spring in the Cape areas and in spring and summer in summer rainfall areas. Arum lilies love being planted in damp, shaded areas and if they’re happy in your garden, the plants will reward you with long-lasting cut flowers.

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This flower, also known as “Bird of Paradise” or “Crane” flower is a vibrant combination of orange and blue colouring that stands tall and proud in any setting.  It is hard to miss this bold creation that is quite magnificent in garden flower beds.

Strelitzias are a South African icon that appears on our 50 cent coin and in fresh flower arrangements all over the world. If you’d like to grow the plant, only water it when dry and keep the soil well mulched.

Wanting to grow some of these South African flowers in your garden?  Check out our compost infographic below to ensure that your soil is rich in nutrients and has everything it needs. 

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Pincushion Protea

We love the Pincushion Protea.  It has such a good feeling of joy and happiness and its vibrant range of oranges, yellows and reds are warm and inviting.  A native to the south-western Cape this beautiful blooms also flourishes in most areas of the country under the right conditions.  conditions, it should grow in most areas of our country.

The Pincushions make an incredible addition to fresh bunches and Cape Town Bridal Bouquets.  They are a beautiful symbol of vibrancy and happiness.   Hotels in Cape Town and around South African often combine these flowers with Strelitzias and other plants. 

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Image Source: Photo Destination and Peter Wick Photography

Taking good care of your South African Garden includes taking very good care of your soil and what you add to your land.  Check out these tips. 

South African Gardening Tips from Cape Town's Best Florist Fabulous Flowers