Baby Gifts For New Parents

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Baby Gifts That'll Make You the Star of the Party

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If you're reading this, you're likely on a quest to find the most amazing baby gifts for new moms, new moms, or yourself (hey, self-care is important, too!). Whether it's a cosy robe to snuggle in during late-night feedings, a sentimental photo book to capture those precious memories, or a rose gold keepsake to make a statement, we know that the world of baby gifts can be a tad overwhelming. Fret not, dear reader, as we've got your back!

Our ultimate guide to baby gifts will explore all the essentials of classics and unveil some quirky and creative ideas that'll make you the envy of the party.

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From helpful gadgets to fanny packs and streaming services to Fabulous Flowers, and hampers to nationwide gift boxes filled with fresh blooms, we've curated a treasure trove of unique and delightful baby gifts that cater to every taste, budget, and occasion.

So, let your inner child run wild, and join us as we take you on a playful and whimsical journey through the enchanting realm of baby gifts!

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In our comprehensive guide, you'll find tips for choosing the perfect present based on the occasion, insights on keeping the parents in mind while shopping, many creative baby gift ideas, and answers to frequently asked questions.

So, without further ado, let's embark on this delightful adventure through the land of baby gifts, where imagination knows no bounds and the perfect present when the baby arrives is just a hop, skip, and jump away!

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The Wonderful World of Baby Gifts

Consider the occasion

Embarking on your baby gift-shopping adventure can be as thrilling as daunting. But fear not, you mom to be an intrepid shopper, for we're here to guide you every step of the way! The key to finding the perfect present is considering the occasion you are buying the best gift for the baby arrives. Different celebrations call for different types of best gifts for new to, so let's break it down and explore all the essentials and best gifts for various events that warrant a fabulous baby gift:

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Baby showers: A sprinkle of love and a dash of practicality

For a baby shower, you'll want to shower the parents-to-be with the best gifts, to help them prepare for their little one's arrival. Think practical yet adorable: useful and charming items to elicit "oohs" and "aahs" from everyone at the party. The endless options are from cosy swaddles to innovative diaper bags and pails! Don't be afraid to get creative – personalized onesies, handcrafted mobiles, or even a subscription to a streaming service for those sleepless nights can all be wonderful baby shower gifts.

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Christenings or naming ceremonies: best gifts for new moms and new baby

When it comes to christenings or naming ceremonies, it's all about the heartstrings. These spiritual celebrations often call for more sentimental gifts that will be cherished for years. Personalized keepsakes like engraved silver spoons, customized photo frames, or religious items such as a beautiful rosary or a delicate cross necklace make meaningful and memorable presents. The key here is to choose something that reflects the importance of the occasion and will hold a special place in the hearts of the baby and their family.

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Birthdays: Celebrating the little one's growth with the perfect gift

As the baby blossoms into a curious toddler and beyond, their interests will change as rapidly as their shoe size. Birthdays are the perfect time to embrace this growth and choose age-appropriate toys, books, or clothing that reflect their current stage of development.

From building blocks to interactive storybooks, superhero capes, and dress-up costumes, the world is your oyster for birthday gifts for your growing family of kiddos. Remember to keep it fun, engaging, and, most importantly, true to the little one's unique personality and interests!

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey to discover the perfect baby gifts in the diverse and vibrant land of South Africa? With its rich cultural tapestry and unique traditions, finding a unique gift that reflects this beautiful country's spirit is an adventure in and of itself. So, grab your safari hat and hop on board as we take you on a whimsical ride through the enchanting world of South African baby gifts!

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South African Baby Gift Ideas for New Moms

Handcrafted toys and décor for the new baby

South Africa is known for its skilled artisans who create stunning, handcrafted treasures. From beaded dolls to hand-carved wooden animals, these unique toys and décor items serve as memorable baby gifts and support local craftsmanship. Consider a wire-and-bead giraffe or a hand-painted ceramic elephant to add a touch of South African charm to the nursery.

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Locally-sourced natural baby products for mom gifts

South Africa has many natural resources, making it an ideal place to find organic and eco-friendly baby gifts. Look for locally-made skincare products, such as gentle baby soaps and soothing balms, crafted from indigenous ingredients like rooibos, aloe, and marula oil. These natural products will be gentle on the baby's delicate skin and give the parents peace of mind knowing they support sustainable practices.

Personalised storybooks with a South African twist make a Great Gift

Customised storybooks always make for a cherished baby gift, but why not add a touch of South African magic to the tale? Choose a story featuring iconic South African animals or landscapes, incorporating the baby's name into the narrative. The child and their family will treasure this delightful present as a reminder of their South African roots.

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Tips for Buying Baby Gifts in South Africa for Mom

Shop local: Support local artisans and small businesses by purchasing unique, handmade gifts that reflect the rich culture and history of South Africa.

Consider the climate: South Africa experiences a variety of climates depending on the region, so choose clothing and baby gear accordingly.

Be mindful of shipping: If you're sending a gift from abroad, be aware of shipping costs and potential import duties that may apply.

South Africa offers a treasure trove of unique and delightful baby gifts that cater to every taste, budget, and occasion, even in the fourth trimester. So, let your inner child run wild, and embrace the spirit of this beautiful country as you set out on your quest for the perfect present.

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Baby Gifts for Nationwide Delivery in South Africa

1. Mama and Me

The delightful gift for Mother and Child, Mama and Me, will be adored and cherished by your recipient. Send the family something special to enjoy together.

Mama and Me include a Mug, MaMere Nougat Mother's Box, MaMere Turkish Delight and Teddy.

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2. Newborn Baby Blue Gift Box

This bespoke newborn baby gift set is perfect for new moms in South Africa. This Fabulous Flowers baby gift set includes a gorgeous sheep teddy bear, blue baby blanket, MaMere assorted nougat and fragrant delights. 

Newborn Baby Blue Gift Box includes MaMere assorted nougat, a Teddy bear, Fragrant soap, a Muslin baby blanket and Hand cream.

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3. Newborn Baby Pink Gift Box

Gorgeous, comfortable and pink! This luxurious newborn baby gift set is perfect for new moms nationwide. This Fabulous Flowers baby gift set includes a gorgeous sheep teddy bear, pink baby blanket, MaMere assorted nougat and fragrant delights. 

Newborn Baby Pink Gift Box includes MaMere assorted nougat, a Teddy bear, Fragrant soap, a Muslin baby blanket and Hand cream.

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4. Mamma Treats Gift Box

The Mamma Treats Gift Box is the perfect gift for Mom this Mother's Day or just because. It's packed with delightful treats we know she will just on her special day. 

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Mamma Treats Gift Box includes a MeMere nougat set, Cape Island Wild Coast hand cream, Purely Porcelain ceramic flower for the diffuser, Firefly diffuser, 2X Firefly fragrance oil, Doughnut ginger biscuit, and colourful pot plant cover.


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5. Welcome Home


Bringing home a new baby is an exciting and overwhelming time for new parents. The Welcome Home gift box is a perfect way to congratulate them and celebrate this special moment. The flavours of South Africa in the Amble Pantry olive oil, honey, and dukkah are a delicious treat for new parents to indulge in during those late-night feedings.

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The Welcome Home gift box is a thoughtful and practical gift that new parents will surely appreciate. The Perspex frame can capture and preserve precious moments with the new family. The Firefly diffuser can help create a soothing and calm environment for the baby to sleep in, while the Purely Porcelain ceramic flowers add a touch of beauty to the nursery.

5. Sweet Serenity


Experience a blissful journey of flavours and aromas with our Sweet Serenity gift box. This carefully curated selection of delightful treats includes:

MamaMacs butter biscuits: Melt-in-your-mouth cookies perfect for enjoying alongside your favourite hot beverage.

Sweet Serenity, nationwide delivery of gift hampers to make mom feel good


Perfumer sachet: A fragrant sachet to add a touch of luxury to any space.

Chamomile tea: Relax and unwind with a soothing cup of chamomile tea, known for its calming properties.

Floral-inspired mug: Enjoy your hot beverage in this beautiful porcelain mug with elegant floral designs.

Candle and burner: Set the mood with our lovely scented candle and burner, creating a cosy ambience for any occasion.

Tips for Nationwide Gift Delivery by Fabulous Flowers

Plan your first few weeks: To ensure your gift hamper arrives promptly, place your order well in the first few weeks, allowing sufficient time for shipping and handling.

Check the delivery area: Confirm that Fabulous Flowers delivers to the recipient's location before placing your order.

Include a heartfelt message: Add a personal note with your gift hamper, expressing your love and best wishes to the new mom and her little one.

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With Fabulous Flowers' delightful gift hampers and nationwide delivery service, sending your love and congratulations to new moms and their babies has never been easier. From pampering hampers for the new mom to delightful baby essentials, there's a perfect gift for every taste and occasion.

So, share the joy of new life with new mom friends with a fabulous gift hamper from Fabulous Flowers – after all, love knows no distance!

Are you on a thrilling quest to find that perfect present that captures the magic of new motherhood and celebrates giving birth and the arrival of a tiny bundle of joy? Fret not; we are here to guide you on this enchanting journey towards the ultimate gift for a new mother and baby.


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Tips for Same-Day Delivery Gifts for New Moms in Cape Town

Order early: To ensure your baby gift and flowers arrive on time, place your order as early as possible, preferably before noon, for same-day delivery.

Provide accurate delivery details: Double-check the delivery address and contact information to avoid delays or confusion.

Add a personal note: Include a heartfelt message with your gift to express your congratulations and warm wishes to the new family.

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Same Day Delivery with your Favorite Gifts

With Fabulous Flowers' same-day delivery service in Cape Town, you can effortlessly combine the beauty of fresh blooms with delightful baby gifts to create a heartwarming and memorable present.

Whether you opt for a blooming bundle of joy, newborn necessities hamper, a customized gift set or basket, or a thoughtful flower subscription, you can be sure your gift will bring magic to any baby-related celebration. So, let your creativity bloom, and let Fabulous Flowers help you make a lasting impression!

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Moms on maternity leave will love receiving a gift set of lip balm, night light, and burp cloths because these are the best gifts for new moms, especially moms dealing with postpartum moms.

With their delightful gift hampers and nationwide delivery service, you can send your love and congratulations to new moms and their little ones, no matter where they are in South Africa. So, grab your adventure gear, and let's dive into the enchanting world of Fabulous Flowers' nationwide gift hampers, the best gifts for new mothers and babies.


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Fabulous Flowers' Gift Hampers and Flowers for Cape Town Delivery

1. A Baby Has Arrived

A Baby Has Arrived is the ultimate gender-neutral gift to welcome a new bundle of joy! Pamper their family with gorgeous gifts, fresh flowers and an extra sweet surprise: A teddy bear plus a delicious doughnut biscuit. Make sure these special moments are celebrated in style - shop from Cape Town's favourite flower and gifting destination for luxury hampers and bespoke options you won't find anywhere else. Let your loved one know how much they mean by sending this delightful offering today.

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This product can only be delivered to Cape Town residents because it includes Fabulous Fresh Flowers.

A Baby Has Arrived includes a Teddy, Doughnut biscuit and Flowers

Welcome the little one with a special celebration package! A Baby Has Arrived is an unusual combo of gorgeous gifts and petals, perfect for showering any new parents.

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2. Baby Girl Gift Box

Welcome the new bundle of joy with a beautiful gift box filled with sweet treats and delightful surprises. This unique gift box for new baby flowers and gift delivery includes a glass vase filled with pink roses, snaps, dahlias, single chrysanthemums, and other seasonal flowers, along with Lindt Chocolates and a 50cm Teddy Bear.

Perfect for the new mom, this gift box is a unique way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby girl.



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Are you looking for the perfect gift for a new mom? Look no further than this beautiful gift hamper filled with delicious treats and surprises. This gift hamper is the perfect way to show love and appreciation for the new mom, from chocolate truffles to gourmet popcorn.

Whether you're celebrating the arrival of a new baby or want to treat the new mom to something special, this gift hamper will surely delight you.

3. Baby Boy Gift Box

Welcome the new arrival with a stunning gift box filled with delightful treats. Our Welcome Baby Boy gift box is the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of a new bundle of joy.

With blue flowers, delicious Lindt chocolates, and a cuddly 50cm teddy bear, this gift box will surely put a smile on any new parent's face.



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Looking for a special gift to give to a new mom and dad? Look no further than our Welcome Baby Boy gift box. This unique gift box is filled with carefully selected items to delight any new parent.

From the stunning blue flowers to the delicious chocolates, this gift box is a thoughtful way to show your love and support during this exciting time.

4. A Princess Was Born

The best way to celebrate a new life is with fabulous flowers and gifts to honour the most miraculous day in a parent's life. A Princess was Born gift is affordable for the people you love in Cape Town. Celebrate the unexpected arrival of a precious new princess with lavish luxuries!

A Princess was Born gift offers luxurious treats like Teddy, beautiful flowers and an indulgent doughnut biscuit – all at incredibly affordable prices in Cape Town. Make this momentous day even more special for those you love by pampering them with stunning gifts!

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A Princess was Born includes a Teddy, Flowers and a Doughnut biscuit

Welcome the new bundle of joy with a luxurious Princess was Born gift. Tuck in your teddy bear, flowers and doughnut biscuit for an affordable way to celebrate that most miraculous day! Put together some fabulous presents in Cape Town so you can honour this special little one's arrival into our world - it's sure to be nothing short of magical!

3. A Prince Was Born

Congrats on the new bundle of joy! Celebrate this momentous occasion with a magical gift to honour your wonderful newborn: A Prince was Born. Our luxurious yet affordable selection, crafted in Cape Town, features plush teddy bears for cuddles, beautiful flowers that won't soon be forgotten and delicious doughnut biscuit treats - perfect for all household members!

This product can only be delivered to Cape Town residents because it includes Fabulous Fresh Flowers. 

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A Prince was Born includes a Teddy, Flowers and a Doughnut biscuit

Welcome the little one with a special celebration package! A Prince Born is an unusual combo of gorgeous gifts and flowers, perfect for showering any new family.

A Great Gift for Mom

Showering a new mom with love is as easy as pie when you have a playful and creative collection of great gift-giving ideas. From cosy robes and personalised jewellery to streaming service subscriptions and self-care kits, there's a whimsical gift for every new mom out there.

So, go forth and spread joy with the best gifts ever for new moms; there's no better way to celebrate the magical journey of motherhood!

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Are you on a quest to find the most heartwarming and delightful gifts for the incredible moms in your life? Look no further; we have assembled many ideas to make any mom feel cherished and appreciated. So, gather your courage, put on your explorer's hat, and set sail on an adventure to discover the best gifts for moms!

A Magical Array of Gifts for the Amazing Moms Out There

1. Brilliantly Happy Bouquet or Vase Arrangement

The Brilliantly Happy Bouquet and Vase Arrangement is a happy creation of bright, bold and beautiful rainbow colours. This floral product is one of our best-selling multicoloured creations that is rich and exquisite—arranged with a combination of high-quality, fresh orange and red roses, purple statice, snapdragons and mixed blooms.

Made with love and care for our beautiful earth, our floral creations are made by our Cape Town Florists in our flower studio in Claremont.

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Celebrate family, friends, and colleagues with the best birthday flowers! With an abundance of different colours and textures, this celebration bouquet for any occasion includes flowers grown in South Africa with a much lower carbon footprint than imported flowers.

With this dazzling display of hues and blooms, The Brilliantly Happy creation is a guaranteed main attraction for any event. Order bright and colourful birthday flower delivery.

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The Brilliantly Happy Bouquet or Vase Arrangement includes: Lisianthus, Delphinium, Roses, Snapdragons, Goldenrod, Ornamental Kale and Greenery

Please note that flower availability is subject to change depending on the season. All our creations are made with love and care.

2. Tulips In A Blue Vase

Simplicity is often the most luxurious. We're sure this trendy blue glass vase will be home to many beautiful blooms in the future, but for this specific gift, it will arrive with one of the world's favourite flowers; tulips.

Our unique new product is a timeless creation of seasonal blooms, so be sure not to miss out on this opportunity to have tulips in your home or office.

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Tulips in Blue Vase includes 20 light pink tulip stems arranged in a blue glass vase.

Add the Cape Island Mini West Coast Candle or The Casual Artisan candle.

tulip flower arrangement with pink cape island candle


Tulips are one of the world's most easily recognized and loved flowers. The meanings of tulips, coupled with the immediately identifiable shape of their colourful blooms, make them a comfortable flower choice for most people who love their space filled with class and elegance.

They are not too elegant, romantic, big, small, or bright; the tulip is always just right. They are like a favourite pair of jeans or your mom's fresh-baked cookies in that the meanings of tulips express genuine cosiness and comfort in all right ways.

3. Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Girls want to have fun with this playful flower crown, balloon and bubbly combo made for the besties in your world. Celebrate this summer with our fabulous new flower crown party gift hamper. This fun and happy treat is the perfect Fabulous Flowers gift to enjoy with your best friends.

Celebrate your friends' bachelorette with style, or send joy, love and celebration to the ones you love to remind them of the good memories you have. This gift hamper for her is a great way to enhance bachelorette parties, girls' nights in town and celebrations in the summer sun. 

faux flower crown and champagne, with a helium balloon


Girls who want to have fun include a Fabulous Flowers silk flower crown, Steenberg Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc and a Pink helium balloon.

The flower crown is a full circle crown that can be tied at the back of the head with a pink ribbon. The faux flower crown is carefully created with bright pink silk bougainvillaea, artificial orchid bloom and orange blossoms. Because this is an artificial flower crown, it will last for as long as it is looked after.

flower crown, woman smiling

4. Bubbles and Blue


Delight your loved ones in a small glass vase with a stunning seasonal floral arrangement. Carefully selected lilac roses, purple lisianthus, blue delphinium (or seasonal replacement), and lush garden greenery create a stunning display. Each arrangement is crafted with love, ensuring the finest quality blooms.

Even if some flowers are unavailable, a suitable and equally captivating replacement will be chosen.

flower arrangement with chamnpagne for cape town flower delivery

Raise a toast to the special moments in life with the Kleine Zalze MCC Brut NV, an elegant and complex sparkling wine. Its alluring aromas of strawberry and blackberry fruit flavours are perfectly balanced by a classic biscuit bouquet richness, making it the ideal choice for celebrations of all kinds. This traditional MCC features a lively fine mousse, transforming each sip into a delightful experience.

pink, blue and lilac flowers with champagne

5. Bubbles and Pink

small pink flower arrangement with champagne


Brighten your loved one's day with a charming seasonal floral arrangement. Our Bubbles and Pink gift features a selection of pink roses, lisianthus, and alstroemeria, all nestled in fresh garden greenery.

This delightful bouquet is presented in an elegant small glass vase, making it the perfect way to express your love and appreciation. As flowers are seasonal, we'll ensure the best available blooms are used.


Raise a toast to special moments with the Kleine Zalze MCC Brut NV. This sparkling wine boasts a delicate silver-pink hue and a lively, cascading effervescence.

As you savour the aromas of cherries and red berries, you'll be captivated by the elegant layers of finesse and decadence on the palate. This fun, flirtatious, and traditional MCC is a delightful indulgence that will impress.

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Play Gym, Baby Essentials and Mom-to-Be

Embarking on a quest to find the best gifts for moms is an enchanting adventure filled with love, thoughtfulness, and a sprinkle of magic. With ideas ranging from sentimental jewellery and relaxing spa experiences to customized recipe books and creative art classes, there's a marvellous gift for every mom out there.

So, set sail on your gift-hunting journey and spread love and joy to the amazing moms who make our lives more magical!

Fabulous Flowers: Where Baby Gifts Blossom with Love

Are you trying to find the most charming and delightful baby gifts for your loved ones? Look no further than Fabulous Flowers, an enchanting boutique florist in Cape Town, brimming with heartwarming baby gifts and fresh, luxurious blooms.

We're passionate about delivering love-filled, bespoke floral arrangements and gifts that will make any special occasion unforgettable.

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The Wonderful World of Baby Gifts and Blooms

At Fabulous Flowers, we know that the best baby gifts come from the heart. That's why our devoted florists craft stunning flower arrangements using only the freshest and highest-quality blooms.

We aim to bring joy and create lasting memories with our one-of-a-kind, luxurious baby gift offerings.

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A Blooming Selection for Same-Day Delivery in Cape Town

We offer an extensive array of same-day, luxury baby gift boxes for any occasion. From classic roses and gerbera daisies to exotic orchids and tulips, you can find the perfect floral gift to express your love and wishes for the new arrival.

Our team of floral wizards is committed to helping you choose the perfect bouquet that will warm the hearts of new moms and their little bundles of joy.

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More Than Just Flowers: Curated Baby Gift Hampers

In addition to our breathtaking fresh blooms, we offer a delightful assortment of baby gift hampers, including fruit baskets, snack hampers, and health and wellbeing products such as essential oils, diffusers, bath bombs, and body creams – all carefully curated for their top-notch ingredients.

And, for a sweet touch, our delicious cupcakes in various flavours are made with the finest ingredients for that extra indulgence!

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A Personal Touch: Customized Baby Gift Orders

At Fabulous Flowers, we understand the importance of giving a unique and heartfelt gift. That's why we're always happy to customize your baby gift order according to your preferences or budget – whether it's a specific colour combination or a change in packaging style.

Our commitment to providing bespoke services ensures we exceed our customers' expectations every time!

Prompt Delivery with Love

Our dedicated delivery drivers ensure timely delivery so your special baby gift arrives without missing a beat. All orders placed before noon will be delivered on the same day, while orders placed after noon will be sent out the following day.

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A Gift for Every Special Occasion: Celebrating New Moms with Fabulous Flowers

Fabulous Flowers understands that the journey of motherhood is filled with an array of special moments and milestones. That's why we offer a diverse selection of baby gifts and floral arrangements, perfect for every occasion:

Baby Showers: Celebrate the impending arrival of a new baby with delightful gifts that help the mom-to-be prepare for her little one's arrival. Choose from practical yet adorable items such as baby clothing, toys, and nursery essentials.

gift set for sleep deprived, promote rest and gift delivery


Birth Announcements: Mark the joyous moment when the baby enters the world with a stunning bouquet of fresh blooms, symbolizing the beauty and fragility of new life. Complement the flowers with a curated gift hamper featuring essentials for both mom and baby.

Christenings or Naming Ceremonies: Honor these spiritual milestones with sentimental gifts, such as personalized keepsakes, elegant floral arrangements, or unique and meaningful trinkets.

First Birthdays: Celebrate the baby's growth and milestones with age-appropriate toys, books, or clothing, accompanied by a vibrant floral arrangement that reflects the joy of this special day.

natiownide delivery of baby gifts for new parents

Fabulous Flowers: South Africa's Premier Gift Shop for Baby Gifts and More

As South Africa's best gift shop, Fabulous Flowers takes pride in delivering exceptional quality and unparalleled service. Our expertly crafted baby gifts and floral arrangements are designed to bring joy and create lasting memories for new moms and their little ones.

With prompt delivery services and a commitment to excellence, we ensure that every baby gift is wrapped in love and arrives in perfect condition, ready to brighten the day of a new mom and her baby.

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Best Gifts for New Mom

Baby gifts from Fabulous Flowers are more than presents; they are heartfelt expressions of love and support designed to celebrate the magic of new beginnings. So, whether you're looking for the perfect gift to welcome a new baby or to honour a new mom on her special journey, trust Fabulous Flowers to deliver the finest baby gifts, floral arrangements, and unforgettable experiences for every special occasion.


Our Cape Town Gift Hampers range includes everything from traditional hamper gifts to luxury gift baskets, all beautifully presented and ready to send to the people you love in Cape Town. Our gift hampers include a variety of products including fresh fruit, chocolates, wine, sparkling wine, flowers, candles, bath salts, body lotions, soaps, baby gift baskets, and much more.

You can even create your own personalised gift hampers by contacting our customer care line by telephone at +27 21 674 7206/8 or by email

order for cape town delivery


Order a gourmet food hamper or gift basket in Cape Town through our online store and take advantage of our same-day delivery service. Our Cape Town corporate gifts are created with the utmost care for your clients, colleagues and staff. You can choose from a tea and coffee gift or gift with wine, Champagne or our local gin, but we can also personalise the experience by creating unique gift boxes that represent your brand fabulously. Our range of pampering gifts for men or women makes a stunning happy birthday or anniversary gift. 

want something bespoke?

our ceo, josie van aswegen

"Every gift we create intends to help people connect with each other, deliver joy, happiness and care and be a beacon of hope and positivity in our world. Our customers appreciate the finer things in this life and love to give luxury gift hampers, fresh flowers and treats to the people they love in one of the world's most romantic and memorable cities. Enjoy our collection of gourmet gifts - we can't wait to create for you."