The Epitome of Elegance

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Three elegant and beautiful phalaenopsis orchids potted in a white container make the perfect gift for a home or office interior. In an elegant shade of pink, these Phalaenopsis orchids got their name from the Latin words “phal,” meaning moth, and “opsis,” meaning appearance. That's why even today, you'll hear some people refer to Phalaenopsis orchids as "moth orchids."

Orchids remain in bloom for several months with relatively little care; orchids have become a popular natural adornment for home and office interiors. Treat yourself or someone special to a Fabulous luxury orchid plant, available for delivery in Cape Town only.

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Michael (Stilwell, US)

1st time and they delivered!!! They worked with and everything went so smooth. They addressed everything I asked and letme know they were delivered. Great product and service.

Thys (Lagos, NG)


Nabeela (Cape Town, ZA)

Very very beautiful! Thank you, and for the great service, ordered on the day and asked if I could pick it up the same day and they made a plan❤️

Just love the quality of your flowers!