Valentine's Day is all about playful whispers of love, mingling sweet emotions with nature's allure. Dive into our flirty collection of Valentine's flowers, bouquets, and tantalising gifts, perfect for sparking romance and unforgettable cheeky moments. These aren't just gifts; they're flirtatious gestures of affection, adding a seductive twist to your celebration.

Spice up your Day with our enticing Valentine's gifts and exquisite flowers.

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Capture the Essence of Romance

In the heart of Cape Town, let Fabulous Flowers be your messenger of love this Valentine's Day. Our exquisite range of Valentine's gifts and blooms are carefully selected to embody the essence of romance. From the classic allure of red roses to the delicate charm of tulips and lilies, each flower bouquet is a masterpiece crafted to ignite passion and admiration. Choosing our flower delivery means expressing your love and doing so with elegance and grace that only nature's finest can offer. Our local, same-day delivery in Cape Town ensures that your romantic gesture arrives fresh and radiant, just in time to make Valentine's Day unforgettable.

The Fabulous Flowers Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts Collection

Deciding on Valentine's Day gifts can be a puzzle. Say 'I love you' with our handpicked suggestions, from classic roses and chocolates to unique and personalised gestures. Uncover the ideal gift for that special someone in your life in our straightforward guide.

Shop Our Valentine's Day Gifts Collection

Celebrate the season of love with Fabulous Flowers' Enchanted Love Collection, a curated assortment of Valentine's Day treasures and gifts that are the essence of romance and devotion. Our collection celebrates affection, each gift carefully chosen to speak the language of love.

Our bespoke flower bouquets are designed to tell a story — with the timeless elegance of roses declaring undying love. At the same time, the vibrant beauty of tulips and the exotic grace of orchids articulate the history of Valentine's Day and many nuances of your unique relationship.

Beyond blooms, our romantic gift boxes are crafted to enchant, featuring various select items from decadent chocolates that melt the heart to customisable gifts that echo your love note. Consider our subscription services for a gift that keeps giving, ensuring your beloved is reminded of your adoration long after Valentine's Day.

Each gift in our collection, from a perfect rose bouquet to an opulent gift box for him, is filled with delights and is a testament to your care and affection. Should you need guidance in selecting the perfect token of love, our customer care team is eager to assist, ensuring your Valentine's Day is as magical as the love you share.

The Essence of Celebrating with Valentine's Day Gifts

A romantic couple adorned with pink flowers and totally in love smile at each other

Saint Valentine, remembered each 14 February as the feast day of his name, is closely associated with expressions and celebration of romantic love. People worldwide honour him through festivities and gift-giving steeped in tradition dating back to Roman Emperor Claudius II's time. Celebrations include giving flowers - particularly roses, which are seen as a symbol of loving emotions. Exchanging greeting cards called "valentines", going out on dates, and writing heartfelt letters or messages expressing one's devotion. No matter how it's done – whether sending red roses to your sweetheart or an extra special surprise – showing others they are valued comes first on Saint Valentine's Day when people worldwide express their appreciation for those necessary in their lives. The power behind this holiday remains strong even today, centuries after its origin, thanks mainly to St Valentine, who left us with such enduring inspiration.

Classic Choices: Red Roses & Chocolate

Roses of a passionate red hue have been symbolic of love for generations and are now essential to Valentine's Day festivities. The captivating scent, soft feel and striking shade make them the perfect way to express romantic sentiment. Did you know that there are roses which can signify alternative expressions? For example, orange blossoms connote desire and enthusiasm when given as gifts on this special Day.

The origins and history behind giving chocolates on Cupid's holiday hark back to European history and royalty who used these confections blended with amber to rouse feelings of admiration, eventually evolving into modern times exchanging chocolate boxes shaped like hearts. Offering anything from simple bars or luxurious assortments will indicate heartfelt affection, making it one delightful means by which devotees may shower their significant other with love for Valentine's Day!

Gay couple with Valentine's Day gifts, smiling and embracing each other

Personalised Presents for Unique Valentine's Day Gifts

Personalised presents are the perfect way to express how much you love your loved one for a special touch to Valentine's Day. Initial pendant necklaces and card wallets make beautiful choices, but crafting D.I.Y. gifts or selecting a custom bouquet from local flower shops in Cape Town like The Gift Factory and Personalised Gift Shop will go even further. In capturing their preferences. From creating portrait prints or photo books of shared memories to baking homemade treats as thoughtful reminders. There is no shortage of meaningful gift options that can be tailored for this romantic holiday!

Experience Romantic Gift Boxes for Her: Creating Lasting Memories for Your Valentine

Romantic gifts for her offer a unique chance to experience an unforgettable moment. These special packages, carefully arranged with lavish items such as luxury colognes, delightful bath products, and stylish accessories, guarantee absolute pampering and create lasting impressions this Valentine's Day. The adorable teddy bear plus notes of love complete the gift package, providing additional charm and making it a one-of-a-kind offering much more than simply collections of possessions or goodies. Games are also added to these lovely boxes so both partners can bond through entertainment, making the occasion even more enjoyable!

Joyful couple with a gift box surrounded by pink and red roses on Valentine's Day.

Nationwide Amour: Valentine's Gift Boxes Delivered Across South Africa

No matter where you are in South Africa, Fabulous Flowers and Gift Boxes bring a touch of romance to your doorstep. Our Valentine's Gift Boxes are a harmony of love, each with a curated collection of luxurious items designed to pamper and please. Imagine the delight as your loved one unwraps a box filled with gourmet chocolates, scented candles, plush teddy bears, and artisanal treats. These gift boxes aren't just presents; they're experiences meticulously crafted to create moments of joy and intimacy. With nationwide delivery, we ensure that distance is no barrier to expressing your deepest affection this Valentine's Day.

Loving Gifts for Men

For Valentine's Day, pampering the man in your life with gifts can also be a fantastic way to express love. From unique chocolates and hampers full of craft beer and biltong, there are many options for everyone's tastes. Alternatively, you could opt for subscription services like monogram crates or gourmet snack buckets delivered to him - these show an extra thoughtful approach to celebrating Saint Valentine's Day!

Express Your Love: We Deliver Flowers and Valentine's Day Gifts

A beautiful bouquet of roses and orange roses as a couple embraces each other, same day delivery

Expressing love and admiration on Valentine's Day can be done through a bouquet of fresh flowers. Selecting the right flower to represent your relationship is an excellent way to show affection and devotion. Red roses are synonymous with romance, but other blooms like tulips, lilies, orchids, sunflowers or irises also hold significant meaning when expressing feelings for that special someone.

You can impart meaningful messages in several ways when delivering flowers as a gift. After selecting the perfect arrangement from our collection of romantic blossoms, you have options such as hand-delivery with a loving note attached. This will let them know how much they mean every moment spent together! Alternatively, add some unique touches to deliver flowers by ordering something extraordinary made especially for their tastes, perhaps a long-stem rose dipped in gold paint? Remember, even though red roses remain the top choice among florists for weddings worldwide, we now have numerous variations one could pick instead!

Deliver Flowers with a Message for Valentine's Day

Offering flowers with a sentimental message is an intimate way to have women show your affection. This custom of women sending messages with blossoms on Valentine's Day began in times past, allowing people to express their feelings and sentiments without words. A brief note full of emotion can make any bunch even more special. From expressions of love, meaningful sayings or poetic verses – your thoughtful words will add depth and significance to this present you are giving. Some examples could inspire: 'My dearest one - these blooms symbolise my purest devotion' or 'Every petal holds part of my heart which belongs solely to you.'

Couple in their seventies smiling and surrounded by a sea of roses on February 14 and a letter of love delivered

Choosing the Perfect Flower Bouquet

When choosing a flower bouquet for Valentine's Day, it's essential to consider the recipient and the significance behind different flowers. Consider going with gender-neutral varieties that will still convey your heartfelt message. Roses symbolise love and passion, while tulips represent perfect love – so pick out one or both depending on what we will get back to you as soon as possible gesture you're looking to offer!

Lesbian couple surrounded by pink and red flowers on  February 14, valentines celebration in February

Sweeten the Day with Delectable Delights

Gifts such as chocolates or homemade jams can be the perfect way to express your love and show appreciation on Valentine's Day. There are several gift boxes with all kinds of goodies that will make this special Day even more memorable for you and your partner. Customisable chocolate boxes let you include their favourite flavours into one fantastic present – truly personalising the gesture! For a sweet touch in celebrating Valentine's Day togetherness, these confectionary delights won't go amiss!

Gifts That Keep Giving: Subscription Services

Gifts that keep giving are a great way to show affection all year. A subscription and delivery service is the perfect present for any flower lover – offering convenience, personalisation and monthly surprises in every delivery. Whether you choose fresh flowers with regular delivery or a range of gorgeous gift boxes sent periodically, these thoughtful gifts express your love over and over again come Valentine's Day and beyond.

A flower bouquet of assorted flowers in a subscription gift box for delivery in Cape Town and South Africa (gift boxes). Couple smiling and very happy.

Pampering Beauty Gift Boxes

A pampering beauty gift box is a luxurious surprise that your special one can enjoy for months. Filled with an array of delightful creams and candles, it provides the recipient with their beauty journey right in the comfort of home. Shop our range of pamper hampers for her.

Couple exchanging smiles and roses at a Valentine's Day flower market with heart balloons in the background

Why Choose Fabulous Flowers for Your Valentine's Day Celebrations?

We understand that Valentine's Day is more than just a date on the calendar; it's a celebration of the heart. We are committed to offering more than just gifts and flowers. We offer an experience - a chance to create a moment that will be cherished forever. Our expertly arranged flowers and thoughtfully assembled gift boxes testify to our dedication to quality and detail. With our reliable delivery services, both local in Cape Town and nationwide, you can rest assured that your expression of love will arrive on time and in perfect condition. Choose Fabulous Flowers, and let us help you make this Valentine's Day a chapter in your romantic story that will be remembered for years.

Handpicked Valentine's Day Flower Arrangements

Flowers on Valentine's Day represent more than just a present. They are symbols of affection, love, and gratitude. By selecting the perfect bouquet thoughtfully put together with attention to detail – such as decorating it in an exquisite glass vase or pairing it up with chocolates or wine, these displays showcase the beauty of adoration.

There is a wide range of selections when picking out flowers meant to exhibit this sentimentality: classic roses and exotic blooms. Each flower's symbolic significance lends extra layers of emotion and understanding to your gift. This article will discuss how best to create memorable valentine floral arrangements!

The Elegance of Flowers and Add-Ons

A luxurious Valentine's Day gifts experience can be achieved through a collection of elegant blooms paired with additional items such as chocolates or wine. Calla lilies that epitomise beauty and roses signifying love and enthusiasm are some ideas for flowers that contribute to the overall elegance of your gift.

For an extra personal touch, you could consider what the recipient would prefer when adding extras to this present - like fruity dry rosé fittingly accompanying pink roses, chocolate sweetening up their day, a written expression demonstrating adoration towards them.

Valentines Day spoils as a couple smiles together looking at pink roses

Make It a Date: Planning the Perfect Valentine's Day Outing in Cape Town

For those in Cape Town, gifts are not the only way to celebrate Valentine's Day; it is also about spending quality time with your loved one, from outdoor activities such as horseback riding at Noordhoek Beach to sunset cruises. From romantic dinners at gourmet restaurants to wine tastings at local vineyards, there's an array of options for couples looking for that perfect date experience. 

Experience the Magic of Mount Nelson Hotel's Planet Bar

Begin your romantic escapade in the heart of Cape Town at the iconic Mount Nelson Hotel. Nicknamed 'the pink lady', this landmark exudes charm and elegance. Indulge in celestial-themed cocktails at The Planet Bar, where exquisite flavours and a sophisticated atmosphere create a memorable experience. 

Discover Cinema Romance at The Labia

Embrace the charm of The Labia, Cape Town's oldest and most affordable movie theatre. This cinema pairs perfectly with dinner for a nostalgic and intimate evening, offering a unique blend of classic ambience and modern comfort. Their website features various dinner-and-movie combos in collaboration with local restaurants, allowing you to enjoy diverse culinary delights before or after your movie.

Chapman's Peak Drive & Coastal Dining

Experience the romance of a scenic drive along Chapman's Peak, renowned for its stunning ocean views and picturesque sunsets. Conclude your drive with a splendid dinner at one of the many seaside restaurants, like the Twelve Apostles Hotel, known for its exceptional cuisine and breathtaking views.

Leisure and Luxury at The Winchester

Treat yourselves to a lavish buffet breakfast at The Winchester in Sea Point, Cape Town. Savour a variety of delectable options, from croissants to cappuccinos, while enjoying the ocean breeze from the balcony.

Wine Tasting in Constantia, Cape Town

Delight in the exquisite wines of Constantia, where numerous vineyards offer tastings and pairings in a picturesque setting. This experience combines the pleasure of fine wines with the beauty of one of Cape Town's most charming neighbourhoods. One of our favourites is Steenberg.

Explore Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens

Spend a day in the serene surroundings of Kirstenbosch, exploring its diverse flora and enjoying a leisurely picnic or a pleasant walk through its many paths.

Ice Cream and Strolls on Sea Point Promenade

Enjoy a simple yet sweet date with ice cream from The Creamery while walking along the Sea Point Promenade. This relaxed activity is perfect for enjoying each other's company against beautiful ocean views.

Couple after recieving their Valentine's Day Gifts surrounded by roses

Crafting the Ultimate Valentine's Card

Crafting the perfect Valentine's card is an ideal way to express your love and appreciation for someone special. It involves personalising a message, choosing features that reflect their interests or personality, adding extras such as photos or handwritten notes, and selecting the right envelope and delivery method, all with thoughtfulness in mind.

Flowers delivered to a happy smiling blonde women, her partner smiling in February Valentines Day

The Fabulous Promise: Your Assurance of Excellence

At Fabulous Flowers, we're not just in the business of flowers; we're in the business of emotions. "The Fabulous Promise" is our unwavering commitment to delivering the best care, service, floral design, and gift hamper curation. From handpicked, fresh blooms crafted by dedicated florists to same-day delivery in Cape Town, we go beyond the bouquet to offer a service experience that's as exceptional as it is memorable. Whether it's a luxurious flower arrangement or a meticulously curated gift hamper for nationwide delivery across South Africa, you can trust Fabulous Flowers to make your special occasions truly unforgettable.


The best gift resonates with your loved one's tastes and shows the depth of your feelings. From our bespoke flower bouquets that capture the Day's romance to our alluring gift boxes filled with treats and treasures, each selection is designed to delight the heart and soul. And remember, if you need assistance or a recommendation, our customer care team is standing by to help you choose the perfect expression of your love.

During the busy Valentine's Day week, we dedicate ourselves to spreading love across Cape Town with our flower delivery service. Please note that we do not schedule timed deliveries during this period. Deliveries will be made between 9 AM and 7 PM to ensure that each bouquet is delivered with care and to be delivered to the highest standard of quality.

Due to the high volume of love being dispatched during Valentine's Day week, we cannot accept requests for timed deliveries. Rest assured, our team will ensure your flowers arrive between 9 AM and 7 PM, making your loved one's day memorable.

Our customer service team is passionate about making your Valentine's experience with Fabulous Flowers as delightful as possible. Should you have any inquiries or require assistance with your order, our dedicated team is available to support you and ensure your Valentine's Day is as romantic and stress-free as possible.

Fabulous Flowers offers standard delivery services across Cape Town on Valentine's Day. Deliveries will occur throughout the Day until 7 PM. We appreciate your understanding that the high demand for delivery on this occasion means we cannot accommodate specific delivery time requests.

The best way to ensure timely delivery is to place your order well in advance. While we strive to deliver flowers for all orders between 9 AM and 7 PM on Valentine's Day, ordering early will give you the best chance of an early delivery slot and peace of mind that your romantic gesture will arrive on time.

Although we do not offer live tracking, our customer service team is on hand to update you on the status of your delivery. We understand the importance of your Valentine's gesture and commit to keeping you informed throughout the delivery process.

The favourite choices for Valentine's Day gifts are romantic red roses and gourmet chocolates. These classic choices of gifts are cherished for their symbolic representation of deep love and sweet affection, resonating with the romantic spirit of the Day.

Delight her senses with a Fabulous Flowers romantic gift box filled with premium fragrances, engaging love-themed games, stylish accessories, and handwritten love notes penned by you. Each item is chosen to celebrate your love and your unique connection, ensuring she feels genuinely adored.

Treat him to a selection that speaks to all tastes, such as a luxe chocolate assortment, a gourmet craft beer and biltong hamper, or a subscription service tailored to his hobbies. These considerate gifts from Fabulous Flowers will not only please him but also reflect the thought and care you've invested in choosing something perfect for him.