Creative Wood - Large - Fabulous Flowers

Creative Wood - Large

Where to order Flowers Online? SHOP FABULOUS!

Call us if you'd like to change the colours!!! This Large Creative Wood Arrangement is actually created inside a beautiful glass vase which holds the flowers together within the unique wooden structure.  We love how different it is and that the floral design is unique. Perfect for Corporate Office Flowers delivered weekly or for a Cape Town Event, filling the space with a fresh take of bespoke floral design.

Order beautiful flowers & delightful gifts online with Fabulous.  We love being surrounded by beauty and it is our mission to share creations from the heart.  Thank you for your purchase. We wish you peace beyond all understanding and a happy, fabulous life.

Wanting to feel and smell the flowers? Visit our store in Cavendish Square for a very fabulous experience.  We look forward to seeing you.