Open Heart - Fabulous Flowers

Open Heart

Open Heart - Fabulous Flowers

Living with an open heart makes life easy and allows for a joyful balance in all aspects of our lives. It's so important to find the time to connect with ourselves, our families and friends organically and naturally.  With life seeming to move so quickly these days we need to remind ourselves to slow things down, to breathe, to place our feet on the ground and really feel our connection to our beautiful planet.

Flowers have taught us many things which include the gentle allowing and accepting of the ebbs and flows of life which we are still learning to master in our own unique ways, like everyone else.

By ordering this beautiful Open Heart Arrangement (dimensions: 42cm x 38cm) you gift yourself or another with the promise of hope, unconditional love and true appreciation.

As always our arrangements are made with the utmost care and respect for our earth, flowers and our customers.  Flowers are subject to availability so some blooms make differ to what you see in the picture.  Please bear this in mind.