Delicious Monster Moss Ball Plant - Fabulous Flowers

Delicious Monster Moss Ball Plant

The Delicious Monster Moss Ball Plant is suited for both indoor and shaded outdoor areas. The approximate size of the ball is 17 x 17 cm but may vary.  

Please take into consideration that all plants grow in different ways and no two plants will look alike. Given enough care and nurturing your fabulous plant will live a long and happy life making your home/office look pretty and the space more gentle and peaceful.  

Your plant will arrive with hooks and string for hanging.  All other items in this picture are for display purposes only.

Care instructions: Please spray the moss once a week.  Make sure it's very nicely watered though but please don't drench it.  Please keep out of direct sunlight but make sure your fabulous moss ball plants get to at least experience sunny areas in your home or office.  

People may think you are completely mad but flowers and plants are alive and really love conversation even if it is really brief. :)

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