How To Make A Wedding Floral Garland


How To Make A Wedding Floral Garland

Trimming the Stems

Cut the stems of greenery so there is enough stem to layer and wrap with floral wire (about 2 to 3 inches of stem).

Mock Up the Base

Starting with the fullest plant, arrange greenery in a mock format layering it on the floor or table to the approximate length of the finished garland. Continue mock-up design by layering in accent fillers to the base garland.

Wire It Togther

Starting at one end, grab a bundle of greenery and begin wrapping the floral wire around the stems, layering one bundle after another. When layering, be sure to cover the floral wire from the previous grouping. Continue layering greenery and wrap the floral wire securely around the stems until desired length is reached.

Fill Water Tubes and Prep Flowers

Prep water tubes by filling with water. Cut excess stems and leaves off of the main flower stem and insert into the water tube.

Arrange Flowers

Arrange flowers throughout the garland and wire them into place.


Thanks to DIY Network for this information.