How to Arrange Flowers for a Small Vase

Ever wondered how to arrange flowers for a small vase?  Here's how!

Ever wondered how to arrange flowers for a small vase?  Here's how!

1. Select your flowers and remove any excess leaves or thorns - leaves will rot in water so remove any that will be below the water line

2. Clean your vase and add water (adding a dash of household bleach can keep it fresh)

3. If your vase is not particularly pretty you can always wrap a leaf around it to decorate it - an aspidistra leaf can work well in many cases 

4. As a rule, the flowers should stand about 6cm taller than the vase. Cut the stems to the correct length - always cut the stems at an angle as this allows more water to be drawn up the stem

5. Pebbles can help to anchor the flowers to the base of the vase - if you wish, you can add these

6. Arrange the flowers evenly in the vase ensuring that they are the same height

7. Add any extra greenery or baby's breath to finish off the arrangement and you're done!

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