Fun Wedding Flower Ideas

Style and the Bride had these fun wedding flower ideas!  Visit the site to see more.

Along with wedding dress ideas, and bridal hair ideas, I know that brides-to-be can never have enough wedding flower ideas.

It is so important (along with most things to do with your wedding) is not to leave finding your wedding florist until the last minute.

It is all very well that you have found your dream dress, and booked your wedding venue, but have you thought about your florist yet?

Before you start doing your research, let me offer you some pearls of wisdom.

If you are one of those brides-to-be who is looking for guidance from her wedding florist, then that is perfectly OK. Experienced wedding florists will be able to come up with plenty of innovative, stylish and fun wedding flower ideas that I am sure you will adore.

However, I know from experience, it is alway useful (for you and them!) that you have some kind of idea in your head on the look/style of your wedding flowers. Before you get your heart set on a particular type of flower take a look at the Flowers & Plants Association’s website where you can view month by month the flowers that are available.

If you are looking for stylish & fun wedding flower ideas, I hope you like what Style & the Bride has picked out…

Fun Wedding Flower Ideas

How gorgeous is this flower chair back by Sabine Darrall? If you are looking for wedding flower ideas, you have come to the right place.

How fun is this ‘Cupid Collar’ by Boutique Blooms?


The Most Spectacular Hanging Wedding Flowers To Wow

If you are looking to make a real visual impact at your wedding, ask your florist to decorate your venue with hanging wedding flowers to wow. I personally think nothing creates more of a stunning statement than walking into a reception and seeing incredible hanging wedding flowers.

Like every aspect of your big day, your flowers, particularly hanging wedding flowers need to be planned to perfection. Once you have decided on your florist, meet early on in your planning process to discuss what you have in mind when it comes to blooms. It is of course advisable to come with ideas and you and your partner’s likes and dislikes. You can of course come with magazine tears etc. However, I would also advise you start making a wedding flowers board on pinterest with your florist that you can share with them. This will give them a clear indication of the sort of looks/colours/flowers you are after before you first meet up. However, it is important to be realistic. If you want to create a stunning visual impact when it comes to your flowers and want hanging wedding flowers to wow, you are going to have to assign quite a bit of your budget to achieving this.

I personally think hanging wedding flowers look most spectacular when they are suspended over rectangular tables, rather than round them. The colour of the flowers you choose is of course up to you. If your venue is fairly neutral, you can afford to opt for bolder blooms. If however, it is the opposite of this, I would suggest you opt for whites and creams.

I hope you enjoy looking at the hanging wedding flowers below. They truly are works of art.


Make A Statement With Beautiful & Wild Oversized Wedding Bouquets

If you consider yourself a boho bride to be, you are going to love this blog post about beautiful & wild oversized wedding bouquets. Without a doubt, oversized wedding bouquets are not for everyone. If you are planning a very chic style big day, then I would suggest you go for a smaller more traditionally shaped bouquet.

However, if you are getting married in the country, on a farm for example or in a rustic barn, I think oversized bridal bouquets are just ideal for you. Oversized bouquets have been popular in the States for a while and are growing in popularity in the UK. As well as being oversized, this style of bouquet has a ‘wild’ ‘just picked’ look to it. It is unstructured and there is generally an abundance of foliage as well as blooms.

I recently featured the wedding of Holly and Jake, Holly chose a stunning oversized bouquet by Foxgloves & Glory which suited her floral Emma Victoria Payne wedding dress perfectly. If you haven’t seen it, do take a look. It is so beautiful. The photographer was Jay Rowden. If you love all things floral, I think it can create an incredible visual impact if you opt for a floral bridal dress and an oversized bouquet.

However, don’t think for a minute you have to wear a floral wedding dress to have an oversized wedding bouquet. On the contrary, I think a very simple chic wedding dress can look simply gorgeous with this style of bouquet. The simplicity of the dress will only draw more attention to the striking size and style of the bouquet.

When you have decided on your dress, I would most definitely suggest showing a picture of it to your florist. He/she will then be able to ensure that your bouquet complements rather than detracts from the gown in terms of colours and accessories such as ribbons.

I hope you enjoy taking a look at these beyond beautiful bouquets below.


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