Birthday Gifts for Her

Birthday Gifts For Her

When your birthday comes around, you probably expect a birthday card, lots of fabulous gifts and a wonderful time spent with family and friends. A lot of time and thought can be spent trying to find the perfect Cape Town gift for your special day. We will provide some tips to make it easier for you to find the perfect birthday treat for you or someone you love and appreciate.

Surprise her with a birthday gift hamper from Cape Town Florist Fabulous Flowers & Gifts - nothing says "Happy Birthday!" quite like our gourmet gift boxes (nationwide delivery), fresh long-stemmed roses and even our yummy selection of fine wine and flowers for Cape Town gift delivery. Check out our new range of gifts. 

As one of Cape Town's finest florists, Fabulous Flowers delivers beautiful bouquets, gift hampers and fresh luxury and bespoke fresh flower bouquets, arrangements, and plants as birthday gifts for her in Cape Town and surrounding areas.

If you need to get hold of us, visit our studio at 16-18 Toffie Lane, Dreyer Street, Claremont, Cape Town or order flowers online. You can order birthday gift packages for her, birthday gift set for her, birthday basket for her and even a happy birthday gift box.

Birthday Gift Delivery for Her in Cape Town or South Africa has never been more enjoyable for your local florist. When buying a birthday gift, try to think of what kind of personality the person has for who you're buying it. Some people will not like humorous cards or gifts, while others will love them. Everyone is different, and the most memorable and unique gifts are those where the sender considers the recipient carefully and with much love. This holds for standard and decorative birthday cards and gifts as well. 

There are a lot of places that sell Birthday gifts for her in Cape Town and so many places to get treats that are not made with love, but if you are looking for the best birthday gift delivery in Cape Town, then we have got you covered. After you figure out what type of birthday gift for her you want to get us to deliver for you, then you need to order from our website directly. If you need any help, please get in touch with us. We are more than happy to assist you. 

One of the more common ways to buy birthday flowers and gifts is to go ahead and pick them up at your local grocery store or gift shop. Still, they are often not up to standard and nothing quite like the incredible range of fresh flowers, gift hampers and gift baskets for Cape Town gift delivery. Ordering gifts online is easy and enjoyable with your favourite Cape Town florist and gift shop.

If you want to show someone how special they are, you need to purchase custom gifts that are luxurious, special and unique with excellent customer service and care throughout the entire process. For over 23 years, Fabulous Flowers has created gorgeous gifts that Capetonians love and appreciate. Fabulous Flowers is world renown for birthday gifts for her, with a wide selection of choices to make you want to know that your order is in the right hands. We deliver flowers, gift baskets and chocolate to most addresses in Cape Town.

The most important thing to remember when buying a birthday gift is to not go too far out of your way to buy one when you can easily buy beautiful bouquets, fresh flowers and luxury gift baskets online. 

Birthday decorating ideas are pretty easy to come up with when you have young children. Kids offer their options every day. Anyone who knows a child realises that he has a favourite cartoon or television character. He may love horses or John Deer tractors. Any of these themes make birthday decorating ideas.

Are you looking for birthday gifts for her for the younger generation? Did you know that more teenagers and millennials love receiving fresh flowers and gifts from local florists more than ever before? Now more than ever, younger nations prefer living plants and fresh flowers as gifts. You can find birthday decorating ideas based on a teenager's likes and interests.

Young kids will like just about anything when it comes to their special day, and something bright and cheerful from our birthday flower range will lift their spirits and help them to celebrate their special day. Birthday party decorations can also be relatively straightforward. You can use various balloons or choose the child's favourite colour for the decoration scheme. Sometimes it is better to keep things simple, and working with colour is a sure-fire approach to creating a festive atmosphere that both young children and adults love for their birthdays.

But what do you do when the kids begin to grow up? Teenage parties are a whole different story. Adolescence can be a lot more complicated regarding birthday party decorations and what needs to be done to make your event special. Plenty of ideas are floating around, and you may find that simply asking the teen for an idea is a great start.

Working together on the birthday decorating ideas for the teen party is a great way to open the lines of communication. You can also learn much about your teenagers and what they love and appreciate. You may find that your teenager has matured when you work together on this project, but you may also discover that your teenager is still a kid at heart and loves all the frills and fuss. 

Common themes for birthday decorating ideas that your South African teenagers commonly embrace include the popular beach theme, Hawaii and very floral luxurious blooms filling your home or event space. You can create a luau right in your home. You can also do this any time of year. Offer the teen's fruit-flavoured punch in plastic coconut shells and add many vibrant colours to the mix. Hibiscus flowers are not sold as cut flower stems but would be an ideal floral decor item to add to this kind of birthday theme. 

Other teen themes include camping out, Mystery Theatre and masquerades. Teenagers love to dress in character, so creating birthday decorating ideas that revolve around costumes is excellent for this age group. Older kids might prefer going out during the celebration. Why not choose bowling or other sports for the birthday theme? Cape Town has so much to offer and many things to do. Check out this link from Cape Town Magazine

No matter what age, you can find birthday decorating ideas that your teenager will love if you take the time to consider their personality and interests. 

Birthday Gift for Mom

It's that time of year again, and you always try to top last year's gift. Of course, we're talking about the best birthday present for Mom. Every year you want it to be unique, something your mother will remember every time she thinks of you. Last year you and your siblings chipped in and sent her the gorgeous big bouquet and gift box for her 50th birthday. This gift was the gift to top all gifts, the one she will never forget, true, but it doesn't mean that you won't be able to give her something just as special every other time. Mom appreciates every little thing; it doesn't matter if it is a dandelion picked from the front yard in a small glass of water. It's the thought that counts, right? 

So, where do you start looking for the perfect birthday present for Mom? Unless you have something specific in mind, or even if you don't, begin searching online for the most outstanding selection of unique gifts available from your local Cape Town florist. Flowers are always lovely and, in many cases, can be delivered on the same day. Choose luxurious pyjamas, spa gift certificates, gold and silver jewellery, silk scarves, perfume, and skincare products to make your mom feel pampered. Unique gift baskets containing all her favourites are a great birthday present for Mom. Choose from fragrant bath and body indulgences in all her favourite scents or a gift certificate to her favourite speciality store. If you're thinking about a spa birthday present for mom, she will love an aromatherapy massage or a refreshing facial. She will feel like a new woman, all thanks to you. 

Your mom is always your mom, and no one can ever take her place, so thank her for taking her breath away; you will be glad you did! Another idea for a special birthday present for Mom is to create a unique personalised gift just for her. An engraved Italian leather briefcase comes to mind. You'll know the perfect gift when you find it because you'll be able to imagine the look on your mother's face when she opens it, which will be priceless. It will be fantastic, spectacular, and truly unforgettable. It will overshadow every other gift she receives this year because yourís will be the best birthday present ever.

18th Birthday Gift Delivery Ideas for Her

Why is it that every kid wants to grow up so fast? This is an enigma to me. After all, you only get to be a child once. It commonly lasts for approximately 18 years, and then it's "real world" time. Now, to be clear, 18 years is short. It will fly by quickly. The last thing on your mind should be hurrying it along. Once you have that 18th birthday party, you're doomed to adulthood for the rest of your life. I'm saying, DON'T wish your life away. Trust me on this one. The early years are EASY! Send gifts nationwide with Fabulous Flowers. 

Have you had your 18th birthday celebration yet? Many teenagers and parents like to go all out with these. It's not only a celebration of making it to adulthood but also a celebration for the folks because they've been waiting so long to get you out of the house. Okay, that's just a joke. Chances are you may stay with them clear through college as well. It's not like the "old days" when 18-year-olds move out after their senior year. Kids like to stick around the home front. It's a lot cheaper than dealing with rent and food bills during the college years. Anyone who's been there knows precisely what I mean. It's me time is a great gift.

It may have just been me, but I found the whole 18th birthday party frightening. Suddenly everyone expects you to act and be grown-up. Well, on my 18th birthday, I didn't feel like an adult yet. This feeling didn't come until I was about 23. Who knows? Maybe I was a late bloomer. Regardless, 18 is what we consider the beginning of adulthood in America. Other countries may view this issue differently, but we like to be clear about it. 18 is when you're able to date who you please. 18 is when you can vote, and 18 is when you can get a hotel room on your own. For the most part, that 18th birthday symbolises adulthood. But, our parents can hardly believe that our fresh high school graduates are adults yet. Okay, one thing I will tell you is to go all out for your 18th birthday celebration. Think cakes, friends, college applications, no more curfews, and relaxation. You've made it through the awkward years. 

Romantic Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

Finding the right romantic birthday ideas can be a difficult job. One of my best friends, Jim, is a perfect guy but what you might call unlucky in love. It seems that every time it is most important to say just the right thing, he says just the wrong one. I've tried to give him advice about how to keep his relationships functioning, but he never listens, or at least he always messes it up if he tries. This year, however, it would be different. This year he was dating Brenda, and Brenda was a keeper. I would help him pick out the perfect romantic birthday ideas. Of course, we may be a little biased as we know that our Fabulous Flowers and Gourmet Gift Boxes will be the ideal treat for any occasion. Look at this Pamper Gift. 

As is usually the way with Jim, his first romantic birthday ideas were a bit grandiose. He had the romantic birthday gift idea of sweeping Brenda away to a far-off island and regaling her with presents. When I pointed out to him that she had a busy work schedule, that he could not afford to grant her a couple of weeks off and that he did not have the money to go through with his plan anyway, he did not get angry. He was a sport about it. He asked me what my advice about the perfect romantic birthday idea was.

I know a whole lot about Brenda. After all, she was my friend long before Jim knew her. But for my life, I could not think of what romantic birthday ideas would appeal to her the most. You see, Brenda is a pretty straightforward gal. She is practically minded and not all that romantic. At the same time, however, she loves to know that whoever she is with is paying attention to her and wants to give her presents. It is not a matter of wanting things from the person so much as wanting to be thought about. For Brenda, I figured that her most romantic birthday gifts would be ones that addressed her other interests to show that Jim cared about her as a person.

When I told Jim this, he immediately dropped most of his romantic gift ideas. He would not get her roses or new clothes, no matter how attractive. Instead, he realized that the most romantic birthday ideas for her were. He would get her several works of fiction by authors she liked. I don't know if this strategy is why they're still together, but it worked. Three years later, they are thinking of getting married, and both Jim and Brenda are Fabulous clients for life.

The Mother City, Cape Town, is the second-largest city in the Republic of South Africa and the provincial capital of the Western Cape province. 

Cape Town is well known for its natural beauty, vibrant landscapes and Table Mountain, V&A Waterfront, Clifton and Camps Bay beaches, Chapman's Peak Drive, the penguins of Boulders Beach, Cape Point, Hout Bay and the beautiful wine farms, including farms we stock and support Remhoogte, Steenberg and Krone

The Cape is an extraordinary wealth of exquisite flora, including local fynbos of the Cape Floral Kingdom, which is regarded as one of the world's six floral kingdoms.

Send birthday for her in Cape Town by ordering on the Fabulous Flowers website. Choose from peonies (when in season), fresh roses, gorgeous gerbera daisies, lilies, and exquisite greenery.

Send luxury gift hampers to Sandton, Johannesburg

Send Gorgeous Gifts for all occasions to the people you love: Order Birthday Flowers and Gift Hampers from Cape Town's best luxury bespoke retail and wedding florist. Flower & Gift Delivery made with love | Shop Fabulous Flowers.

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Distinctly Dreamy Bouquet
Taryn Luitingh (Brisbane, AU)

Great delivery and stunning flowers , never fail to surprise

Dear Taryn. Thank you for that amazing review. We appreciate it and look forward to creating for you in the future.

Harmony Flower Arrangement
Jenny (Lambeth, GB)
Beautiful bouquet

I am so impressed with Fabulous Flowers. It's the first time I've used them and I sent the Harmony bouquet to my best friend on her 50th birthday. She sent me some photos and the flowers were beautiful and just like what was promised. Thank you!

Dear Jenny. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us, we really appreciate it. We are so happy that all was as expected and we look forward to creating for you in the future.

Blushing Beauty Bouquet
Ndi (Cape Town, ZA)

The way it blossomed… 😍

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Dusty Pink Rose Box
J Finigan (Lewisham, GB)
Beautiful Flower Box

Birthday girl very happy with her flowers. A pic shows it looks just as pretty as promised on the website. Second time using Fabulous Flowers, very pleased with the ordering and delivery process, reliable and professional.

Hi. Thank you so much for that amazing review. You mentioned all the things that we work on each day to have a successful business but most of all happy customers. Thank you for all the compliments. We look forward to creating for you in the the near future.

Joy in a Jar
Jen B (Cape Town, ZA)
So beautiful

Thank you Fabulous Flowers for your fantastic customer service when I needed to change the delivery dates. The recipient of the flowers said they were beautiful. This was my first time ordering from you but it won't be the last.

Dear Jen. Thank you so much for taking the time to send us a review. We always appreciate the feedback and are always happy to here that the service was great as that is what we work on each day. We look forward to creating for you in the future.

Bright Sunshine Bouquet
Marianne Van Oudtshoorn (Phalaborwa, ZA)
The flowers were beautiful and my friend loved them. Thank you.

The flowers were beautiful. My friend was delighted. Thank you

Dear Marianne. Thank you so much for the beautiful review. We appreciate it and look forward to creating for you in the future.

Summer Delight Posy Box
Anne Kling (Cape Town, ZA)

My very special friend, whom I sent this beautiful box of very natural looking flowers - almost as if they were hand picked in a nearby field, absolutely loved them.
Thank you so much for your excellent service and sending what was very special to her.

Dear Anne. Thank you for that beautiful review. We really appreciate the feedback and are so happy that what we created was loved by all. We look forward to creating for you in the future.

Birthday Treats for Her Gift Box
Liezel Hallett (Sydney, AU)
Love from a distance

We recently relocated overseas and miss our loved ones back home so much. Fabulous Flowers make us feel connected to our family when they create such beauty-filled, fresh and sparkly arrangements for them with love. Super grateful to the Fabulous team who go above and beyond to exceed your requests. Thank you from afar 💐🌹🪻🌻🌼🌸🌷

Dear Liezel. Thank you so much for that beautiful review. We appreciate it. We are here for you while you are afar, to create and send beautiful things to your family and friends. We look forward to creating for you in the future.

Gratitude Bouquet
Marisa Wilson (Cape Town, ZA)
Grateful for a gorgeous bouquet

The bouquet that was delivered was absolutely beautiful! The entire process from ordering to delivery was seamless and very efficient. Highly recommend!

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Fabulous Rose Bowl
Nici Morris (Cape Town, ZA)
Fabulous Rose Bowl

Thanks so much for delivering such a beautiful vase of flowers - they look absolutely gorgeous, just like the photo on your website. Your flowers are always the most fresh and your arrangements so stylish. I've recommended you to many friends and family in the past. Thank you :)

Dear Nici. Thank you so much for that awesome review. We appreciate it and are so happy you loved the arrangement.
We look forward to creating for you, your friends and family in the future.

White Purity Vase Arrangement
Lynn Petersen (Cape Town, ZA)
Simply beautiful

A beautiful, tasteful and elegant arrangement. Delivered in good time by a professional and friendly driver.
Almost a week in and the flowers are still fresh.
Thank you to the entire team!

Dear Lynn. Thank you for that beautiful review, it is much appreciated. We are so happy that all was received well and that the flowers are still giving you joy. From the team, you are so welcome. We look forward to creating for you in the future.

Chic Bouquet
Lucinda Rykens (Cape Town, ZA)
Chic bouquet

So lovely arrived same day. Thank you

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Lavender Garden Bouquet
Alex Rebuck (Lymington, GB)

brilliant service, prompt and the flowers themselves were outstanding. I live in UK so pleased to have found a reliable florist to use.

Dear Alex. Thank you for that amazing review. Service is so important to us and we are glad we could deliver. We are here to create for you while you are so far away and will do our best each time. We look forward to creating for you in the future.

White Purity Vase Arrangement
Kevin Diesel (Cape Town, ZA)
Awesome Service

Absolute pleasure to do business with.
Professional , friendly and delivered on promise.

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Florist Choice Bouquet
Amanda W (Sunshine Coast, AU)
Beautiful arrangement

Sent to our Uncle and family on the passing of our Aunt. Flowers arrived on time, in time for Aunty’s memorial. Our message was handwritten which we thought was a special touch. This is the second time we have used your professional service from over the seas. Thank you ☺️

Dear Amanda. Thank you for the beautiful review. We are so happy all went off well and we are here to keep you intouch with your family and friends on all occasions. We look forward to creating for you in the future.

Harmony Flower Arrangement
Ola Khalil (Slough, GB)
Harmony flowers arrangement

Thank you Fabulous Flowers for delivering my order on time and it was beautiful as in the picture. Excellent service

Dear Ola. Thank you for this amazing review and for your new order. We will deliver for you again and look forward to creating for you in the future.

Florist Choice Bouquet
Florists Choice

Loved the bouquet so much I have already purchased another one 💐

Dear Renee. Thank you for that beautiful review. Thank you for your new order and we look forward to creating more for you in the future.

Harmony Flower Arrangement
David Wright (Epsom, GB)
You get what you see!

Lovely bouquet delivered quickly in CT. The photo of it that I got from my mum looked just like what you see on the website (maybe just a little bit bigger :~) .

Great service as usual. Thanks.

Dear David. Thank you for the awesome review. We are so happy that the bouquet was loved by all and we look forward to creating for you in the future.

Harmony Flower Arrangement
Jane (Horsham, GB)
Beautiful flowers

Was very pleased with the prompt delivery and beautiful flowers!

Hi Jane,

Thank you so much for your review we are so grateful, we look forward to creating for you in the future.

White Purity Vase Arrangement
Oscar Mayhew sanders (London, GB)

You guys did such a fabulous job with the flowers, gift box and a hand written note. I couldn’t have asked for it to have turned up any better than it did. Thank you so much

Dear Oscar. Thank you for that amazing review, we really appreciate it. We are happy that all was received well and look forward to creating for you soon.

Sweet Serenity Snack Hamper
Russell Sobotker (Auckland, NZ)
Awesome Service !!!

I recently purchased flowers from Fabulous Flowers and I couldn't be happier with my experience! The customer service was exceptional, they were incredibly helpful and accommodating. Not to mention, their prices were reasonable for such high-quality blooms. I'll definitely be returning for all my floral needs in the future!!! Keep up the awesome service.. Russell Sobrker(New Zealand)

Dear Russel. Thank you so much for that amazing review. We see all our hard work is paying off. Customer services and beautiful high quality blooms are things of pride to us. We can't wait to create more for you in the future.

Birthday bouquet

My order came from Ireland for my sisters 70th birthday in South Africa. To say she was delighted with them is an understatement. She sent me a photo of them and I was left feeling the same. A spectacular arrangement. Purchasing the flowers was also a delight a user friendly website. Thanks to a wonderful team.

Dear T. Thank you so much for that amazing review. We are so happy we could deliver for such a great day and look forward to creating for you in the future while you are so far away.

Harmony Flower Arrangement
Terry Norton (Cape Town, ZA)
lived up to your name

lived up to your name, fab flowers that brought joy to both buyer and recipient

Dear Terry. Thank you so much for that amazing review. We are so happy that joy was brought to both parties of this order. We look forward to creating for you in the future.

Creative Poetry Flower Arrangement
angelika (Gulf Breeze, US)
beautiful flower arrangement

I sent my friend the Creative Poetrie Flower arrangement and she loved it. I will definitely buy from this flower shop again, thank you for your great service.

Dear Angelika. Thank you for taking the time to send this amazing review. We appreciate it as it is important to get feedback. We look forward to creating for you in the future.

Bubbles and Pink
Leora Berold (London, GB)

The flowers I sent as a birthday gift were beautiful .

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