A cheerful family holding a bouquet of vibrant housewarming flowers, featuring a smiling young woman and man with their father, celebrating a new home together. Part of the Housewarming Flowers Collection at Fabulous Flowers and Gifts.



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Sunshine's Splendour - Fabulous Flowers Cape Town Flower Delivery
Sunshine's Splendour
Sale priceR 1,040.00
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Gorgeous and Graceful Orchids - Fabulous Flowers Cape Town Flower Delivery
Gorgeous and Graceful Orchid
Sale priceR 1,375.00
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Orange_Gerberas_Blue_Delphiniums_Happy_Birthday_Flowers Fabulous Flowers.
Orange Blue Bloom Bouquet
Sale priceR 1,165.00
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The Epitome of Elegance - Fabulous Flowers Cape Town Flower Delivery
The Epitome of Elegance
Sale priceR 1,145.00
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Succulents Just Hanging Out | Fabulous Flowers Succulents Just Hanging Out Pot Plants | Fabulous Flowers
Succulents Just Hanging Out
Sale priceR 655.00
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Indoor pot plant in beautiful locally sourced ceramic vase | Fabulous Flowers
Little Pickles Pot Plant
Sale priceR 615.00
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Spider Plants are a favourite houseplant worldwide, officially known as Chlorophytum comosum. Plants are good for the planet. Order from our exclusive range of potted plants delivered same day by Fabulous Flowers. This fantastic plant comes with a beautifully crafted container allowing you to hang it in the appropriate place in your home or garden. Your recipients will love the Hen and Chicken Pot Plant. Order from Fabulous Flowers today for same day delivery in Cape Town.
Hen and Chickens Pot Plant
Sale priceR 625.00
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Enlgish Ivy in a locally created ceramic container | Fabulous Flowers Indoor or outdoor potted plant in handmade ceramic dish | Fabulous Flowers
Forever Green English Ivy Plant
Sale priceR 875.00
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Donkey Tail Pot Indoor Pot Plant in a gorgeous Mexican inspired container| Fabulous Flowers
Donkey Tail Pot Plant
Sale priceR 520.00
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Succulent in a gorgeous Blue Pot Plant | Fabulous Flowers
Succulent in a Blue Pot Plant
Sale priceR 595.00
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Ceramic succulent pot plant The Casual Artisan Love Is In The Air candle MaMere nougat | Fabulous Flowers
Everlasting Love
Sale priceR 705.00
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Good Hair Day | Fabulous Flowers
Good Hair Day Pot Plant
Sale priceR 1,610.00
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Water Starwort Pot Plant | Fabulous Flowers
Water Starwort Pot Plant
Sale priceR 945.00
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Floppy Fringe Pot Plant | Fabulous Flowers
Floppy Fringe Pot Plant
Sale priceR 910.00
A person holding a vibrant and colorful bouquet of flowers, perfect for birthday celebrations. Birthday Collection. Fabulous Flowers and Gifts.
A smiling woman surrounded by a bouquet of various fresh flowers, capturing a joyful moment. Fabulous Flowers and Gifts - Heartfelt Moments