Cherry Brandy Flower Arrangement

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Cherry Brandy Flower Arrangement: Ignite Love and Joy in Every Petal

Step into a world of enchantment with the Cherry Brandy Read More

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Robyn Gard (Red Lodge, GB)
Cherry Brandy 🥃😍

These flowers were a gift to my family in CT. They were very happily and gratefully received. I was sent a photograph and they appeared to be exactly how I had imagined them. Gorgeous colours. The ‘cherry’ on top were the chocolates hidden underneath!!

Dear Robyn, thank you for your order and for taking the time to send this amazing review. We are very grateful.

Abbie (Cape Town, ZA)
Gorgeous and well-received

The gift box was gorgeous and my mum LOVED it. The filler bits weren't exactly as the photo shows, as I'm sure these are seasonal, but the colour scheme was maintained and it still looked great. The little hidden nougat draw was also a lovely addition. Excellent and efficient service, as per usual!

Panganayi Rupango (Pretoria, ZA)

Thank you for going all out to make it possible for me. It was well received.