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Rose Petal Crafts: Ideas for Keepsakes and Gifts

Rose Petal Crafts: Ideas for Keepsakes and Gifts

Wondering what to do with that bouquet of wilting roses? You’ll love this round up of ideas to create rose petal crafts, keepsakes, and gifts using sentimental flowers from Valentine’s Day, weddings and more.

Memory Capsule Christmas Ornament

Diana from Ontario suggested the dried rose petals be put into a clear glass Christmas ornament. "Then each year when my mother-in-law hangs the ornament on her Christmas tree she’ll remember her special birthday gift." Ilene made a Christmas ornament as a special keepsake from her wedding. Ilene refers to this idea as “a little time capsule from pretty much any big event from your life.” 

Dried Roses in a Shadow Box 

Pat from South Carolina suggested that my mother-in-law put dried roses in a shadow box. Pat sent a photo where roses were dried intact and shaped into a heart within a shadow box. We tracked this idea down and found Brooke at The Crafting Chicks made the Rose Heart Shadow Box using roses her husband had given her throughout their relationship. 

Greeting Card Art

My mother-in-law is a paper craft enthusiast. Some of her favorite crafts to make are greeting cards, so I was excited to find this rose petal craft idea for her from Maggy at Red Ted Art. I love how Maggy used two rose petals to make a whimsical butterfly. Maggy also provides some great instructions for how to press flowers. 

Flower Petal and Leaf Wax Paper Votive Candle Holders

This idea for Flower Petal and Leaf Wax Paper Votive Candle Holders comes from Club Chica Circle. The instructions claim it’s so easy, even kids can help. The votive candle holders are pretty enough to display in your own home, to give as gifts to friends or use as favors at a bridal shower or wedding. Visit Club Chica Circle to learn how to make this rose petal craft.

 Rose Petal Filled Heart

I found this beautiful Rose Petal Filled Heart on All About You along with the instructions to make it. They suggest using “the completed heart as a drawer-scenter on its own, or sew it to a Valentine card, or to a cushion, or add a ribbon loop to hang it up.” So many great ideas! I wonder if it would also work in one of my mother-in-laws scrapbooks? 

For more ideas visit - Kenarry.com

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