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Paradise Planting in Beautiful Cape Town

Paradise Planting in Beautiful Cape Town

Friday dawned with an air of heat about it, hardly a breeze to cool the early morning down but beautiful clear blue skies after a long night of delicious much needed sleep, a bonus of living in a place like Cape Town, a place of paradise so close to heaven, now so close to my heart ..

My paradise.

A week ahead of a nearly full moon which I'm sure shall bring out the worst in some people, perhaps almost all ..but more importantly showing us the wondrous beauty of our planet Earth.

So you are most likely reading this and wondering what I'm waffling on about..? Well, not much really but then, on the other hand, lots actually!  I'm feeling a little philosophical today, reflecting on events of the past week ..but at the same time contemplative of the upcoming week ahead. 

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Decisions to be made and implemented but mostly my thoughts are on Mother Nature and her wondrous ways.. her sometimes cruel and inexplicable ways...  The heat in the Cape area uppermost in my mind as this is where I live now, the merciless sun, the constant hot wind drying the already parched grass and flowers, the realistic fact of water restrictions now. I have no choice as I stubbornly fight the idea of change, altering my mind to leave behind my love of an English type garden and move towards a more water-wise one.

Let me explain that I have always had large gardens to play and create in, borehole water to plant the shrubs and flowers that constantly thrived on the continual moisture together with my love of a collection of containers that stood in proud and colorful clusters in my gardens.

A couple of months ago I relocated to a smaller area that in under paving, no grass area, windy and shadeless but most importantly I have my collection of containers - my mover's nightmare!

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My dream of creating a container garden has now become a reality. I have spent many hours perusing every edition of books and magazines pertaining to creating a maze of colour in my pots of many different shapes, sizes, and heights. Now, at long last, I can create the space in which I live in a haven of colours, varieties of plants that will thrive in the conditions of my new abode and the ever-changing climate.

Have I got your imagination going? Are colours flashing in your brain, names of plants resonating in your head, remembering and forgetting all at once?

I hope I've tweaked your curiosity and that you will follow my blog as I create my ultimate dream garden in a pot or two or thirty plus

I will keep you updated on my progress, my creation step by step, my self-discipline of convincing myself water wise is so much better to plant with our current inclement weather patterns.

You see, I really have to now.  I've said it, it's on black and white.

Till then. Enjoy our sunny skies. I'll leave you with a photo of a truly succulent beauty.

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Mel. x

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