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Meet the bride: Tara

Meet the bride: Tara


Having a florist boasts many happy perks. One of our favourites - being inspired by the love and devotion of husband and wife to-be. Weddings are sacred, unforgettable occasions, and we so enjoyed catching up with Tara about the process surrounding her special day.

 How did you and your husband meet?

I met Jason on August 24th 2011, it was a late Thursday afternoon and we were both invited by mutual friends to a group dinner at Beluga Restaurant. It was the oddest evening of my life, I was completely caught off guard by his personality and persona. I couldn't quite figure him out and the last thing on my mind was meeting the man of my dreams while out for a casual dinner with friends. 

How did the wedding proposal happen? It's such an exciting moment.

Our proposal story is a funny one as it’s the last thing I would have expected in terms of how romantic it actually was. I knew Jason was going to propose but I didn’t know when, where or how. The suspense was driving me slightly crazy and he knew it. It was the morning of our 3-year anniversary and I knew we had lunch plans with friends later that day so I didn’t expected December 16th 2014 to be the day. I was still half asleep when Jason woke me up and said he had an anniversary card for me. It was a scrabble board folded in half and inside it spelt out will you marry me on the board. We both love board games and scrabble is one of our favourite pastimes, especially when we first started dating. With one eye open, very messy hair and incredibly creased PJ’s he sat next to me and started talking as I opened my card. It took me a moment or two to realise what was happening I couldn’t stop starting at him and crying. I remember squealing so loudly that our two French Bulldogs came running into the bedroom to see what was happening. It was the perfect moment, quiet, caught off guard, genuine and from the heart. He had designed and purchased the ring a few months prior and was simply waiting for the perfect moment.

When deciding on the flowers for your wedding - what inspired you?

It was a combination of a few things, our venue Cape Point Vineyards was a great source of inspiration, both of our flower preferences played a part and most of all my wedding dress was the biggest deciding factor in all floral decisions as it was not your standard white dress. I wanted the flowers we chose to compliment the entire day and to have a theme of blush, rustic and romantic mixed in.

What are your favourite kind of flowers?

My all-time favourite would have to be an orchid, its delicate, graceful and exotic all at once. 

Do you have any advice for couples who are in a serious relationship and would like to get married?

My advice would be talk about everything, if you have a question or a worry voice it. The person who you are planning to spend the rest of your life with is also your best friend first and foremost. Weddings can be scary but the two of you are in this together and it’s your special day. I know you want to please everyone important to you from a family & friends’ perspective, which is a lovely idea but is impossible. Just don’t forget about the two of you, at the end of the day this is the rest of your lives together and the start of your happily ever after.  

What is the best relationship advice you have ever received?

If you feel it, say it. 
This was advice from my Dad before he passed away. He was firm believer in listening to your intuition and trusting it.

What was it like working with the Fabulous Flowers team?

It was so much fun to be able to work with Josie and her team. We started with creating a Pinterest board after our first meeting and went from there. Every idea that I had came to life and more that I didn’t even know were possible were added in by Josie. She really made my floral fantasies a reality for our special day. I am still blown away by the level of detail.

Is planning a wedding fun? It definitely is a massive job!
It has the potential to be fun, it is a scary and stressful task which most people underestimate. Best advice is break it down into levels of importance and really listen to each other’s wants and desires for the day. It’s very easy to get carried away and wrapped up in all the drama that goes with planning your big day. I can now laugh about how we debated the colour of Groomsmen's socks for a week, some things in the bigger picture are really small, but in the moment are very important to you for particular reasons.  Tackle it together as a team and enjoy all the planning as it’s an amazing feeling when it all comes together and is better than you envisioned.



What an absolute privellege being a part of the love and joy that made up her wedding. Fabulous Flowers is grateful for the time spent with Tara making her choice of flowers a dream come true. L’Chaim.


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