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9 Arrangements to Inspire You

9 Arrangements to Inspire You

Here at Fabulous Flowers we’re constantly pushing ourselves to create exceptional work.  It’s been a drive of ours for many years and our goal to always ensure you are receiving the most beautiful creations.

We love working with colour and flowers (of course).  The creativity and possibilities are endless.

Here are 9 arrangements we've put together to inspire you.  Breathe in the colour, shape and form and just enjoy the flower beauty.

Order from our lovely range of bouquets, arrangements and our brand new cupcake and gift collection. 

Cheap Flowers Cape Town | Shop Fabulous FlowersWe consider ourselves very blessed to work with clients that allow our creative juices to flow.  Most of the arrangements above were created and delivered to our clients' homes or office space.

Our Claremont store has an exquisite selection of 'pick up and go' arrangements, bouquets, cupcakes and gifts for you to choose from and within 30 minutes you can create something for us to make for you.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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