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5 Things to Do With Flowers Besides Putting Them in a Vase

5 Things to Do With Flowers Besides Putting Them in a Vase

These romantic ideas are out-of-the-box ways to deliver beautiful flowers

Think out of the box ­­­— ahem, out of the vase — the next time you decide to surprise your significant other with flowers. Sure, you could scatter rose petals across a bath or plant their favorite flower, but why not try something more creative? Here are five romantic alternatives to your basic bouquet based on personality for a lasting impression.

Flower Cake

How do you satisfy your significant other's sweet tooth with flowers? A flower cake made with their favorite blooms. Here’s how:

Step 1: Soak floral foam in water and floral food.

Step 2: Carve the foam into the shape of a cake (this will be your base).

Step 3: Insert fresh flowers into the foam. For the best results, start at the bottom and work your way across to the top.

Step 4: Set your final creation on a cake stand.

Tips: With their large blooms, carnations and mums cover the foam perfectly. Bonus: They’re long lasting and inexpensive. You can fill gaps with small flowers such as wax flowers, pom-poms or mini carnations. And for the top? Add a new type of flower into the mix for an impressive floral topping. 

Voilà, you have a cake that will likely last longer on the table than one from a bakery.

Flower Painting

If your significant other loves art, create a floral painting to be displayed on the wall so you can admire for days. Mini callas or spray roses are ideal as they last long without water and look great dried. To get your flowers to stick, use Oasis floral adhesive on a wooden box frame. You can even use the adhesive to glue flowers together for a layered effect.

Flower Painting

Floral Display Box

Showcase your arrangement in a way that speaks to your loved one’s interest. Don’t worry; this is one DIY project that’s easy to pull off. Just soak floral foam in water and floral food, fit the foam in your toolbox, and insert flowers directly into the foam.

Flower Ice Balls

These floral ice balls can make your intimate moments even more romantic. You just need to make them ahead of time. Sprinkle tiny edible blooms (any will do) into ice trays before freezing — it’s that simple.

Flower Ice Balls

Chocolate Roses

Playful and unusual, this display is sure to impress. Start by dipping roses in melted chocolate, add sprinkles and let them dry. It’s the perfect way to end on a sweet note.

Source - The Daily Meal