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5 Fabulous Tips To Fall In Love With You This Valentine’s Day

5 Fabulous Tips To Fall In Love With You This Valentine’s Day

For some, Valentine’s Day is an incredibly special and sensual time for those in a relationship.  For others it can be downright depressing and excruciatingly painful to once again be single at this time of year.  Whether you are coupled up or eating for one this post is for you.

5 Fabulous tips to fall in love with you this Valentine's Day

We think that learning to love yourself is THE most important lifelong lesson we all need to master.  If we are unable to love all parts of ourselves we cannot declare to the world that we love another.  Love changes with time, it eases us into letting go of everything we thought we knew and dissolves stress and tension.  It is the only thing that is real.
Here are our top 5 tips to fall in love with you…

1. Think only kind and loving thoughts towards yourself. This takes practice and commitment but it will change your life for sure.

2. Say I love you to the food you eat with every bite. We call it The Love Diet. If you’re loving what you eat you’re loving all of you.  This includes everything you drink.

3. Get yourself an oil burner and rose geranium oil. Burn twice daily. We know a great place where you can get some.  Ask in store.

4. Be responsible for everything that happens in your life. It is the quickest way to grow and it is very empowering.

5. Buy yourself fabulous flowers. We literally send love to all the flowers we have in our shop on a daily basis. We know they appreciate it.

Each of us is really a very special gift and we all bring specific talents and energies to the world that make up the earth’s majestic nature and beauty.  We’re witnessing the age of the selfie and we hope that one day soon we will all wake up to the beauty of who we are, not just on the outside.  

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Pictured, Skye, my daughter.