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5 Beautiful Wedding Floral Ideas

5 Beautiful Wedding Floral Ideas

Flowers have always been a major part of a wedding, a symbol for love and romance. For most weddings your bouquet and table centre pieces include flowers. Want to make use of more flowers in a less traditional way? It can be overwhelming when you have so many factors to consider for your flowers. This post will look at 5 beautiful ways or places you can include flowers in your wedding. 

1. Wedding Canopies and Arches

Say your "I do's" under an arch wrapped in flowers, leaves and even jewellery. Add flowers along the edges of the arch or perhaps create a waterfall of flowers.

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Photos: (Left) Colin Cowie Weddings | (Middle) Alyssa Maloof via Style me pretty | (Right) Jessica Loren via Style me pretty


  • An arch provides your guests a clear and decorative focal point.
  • Arches covered in flowers add colour to your photos while filling the space around you.
  • Possible DIY project. Add pearls and other personal items between your flowers.
  • Can be difficult to move or travel with due to the size and possible damage to your flowers.
  • If your arch breaks down for easy travel you may need time and guidance when piecing it together.

2. Overhead Handing Flowers

Hang flowers above your tables or dance floor as a floral chandelier. This is one of the hottest floral trends right now! You could hang flowers from altered chandeliers, flowers in vases, on wood boards, wrap fairy lights around them. The list goes on. Get creative and push the boundaries.

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  • Flowers above tables takes away the need for large centre pieces which often obscure your guests view.
  • Gives you a whole new level and more room for flowers.
  • Not a lot of venues can cater or allow you to hang items from their ceilings.
  • If hanging over tables you may have issues with leaves falling onto your tables.

3. Flower / Plant Favours

As a small ‘Thank you’ for your guest’s attendance, don’t give them something they will throw away or not even bother to take home. Miniflower favours is a symbol of life and growth. A creative idea is to place the mini pot plants in cupcake wrappers and have them displayed on a cupcake stand.

Wedding Favours for Fabulous Weddings Cape Town

Photos: (Left) Ivy Road Photography via Brides  | (Middle) May Carlson Fine Art Photography via The Knot | (Right) Mike Cassimatis via Martha Stewart Weddings


  • Environmentally friendly as it promotes nature conservation.
  • Relatively cost effective as well as allows for a lot of DIY around how they presented. From custom tags to decorated boxed mini vases.
  • Might be difficult for guest take home if soil is not wrapped or covered.
  • Ladies only. Flowers, even mini pot plants, is typically not appropriate for your male guests.

4. Floral Crown

Create a floral crown as an alternative to the more traditional tiara. This trend has really exploded this past year and is the perfect accessory for a summer wedding.

DIY Fabulous Flower Crown Inspiration from Cape Town's Best Florist

Photos: (Left) DIY Fabulous Crown | (Middle) Pritti via The Pretty Blog | (Right) Elan Klein Photo via My Wedding


  • Hands-on custom creation with your florist to suit your wedding compared to buying a tiara.
  • Can't be kept as a keepsake.

5. Shepherd Hooks

Place shepherd hooks with flowers along the aisle. This is a simple idea with various options as not all shepherd hooks are the same and there are a lot of vase options. Possible vase options include birdcages, lanterns or console jars. Black shepherd hooks with flowers next to white chairs create a lot of contrast for stunning photos.

Fabulous Floral Design for Your Cape Town Wedding

  Photos: (Left) Pinterest | (Middle) Ryan Phillips Photography via Inside Weddings | (Right) Pinterest


  • Highly customizable with room for DIY projects.
  • Quick to set up, just knock them in anywhere and hang your flowers.
  • Most shepherd hooks have to be knocked into the ground. Some venues don't allow items that may damage their lawn.

Any area will look better with flowers. Hopefully this post has given you some ideas and inspiration for your wedding. Speak to your florist as well as your venue to come up with ideas that suit your style, budget and what is actually possible.

Feel like we left anything out? Have some of your own ideas. Comment below. 

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