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5 Fabulous Flower Tips To Keep Your Flowers Lasting Longer

5 Fabulous Flower Tips To Keep Your Flowers Lasting Longer from Cape Town Florist Fabulous Flowers

5 Fabulous Flower Tips To Keep Your Flowers Lasting Longer 


It’s Summer!  Luckily for us Cape Tonians the weather hasn’t been too unbearable and we have had intermittent days of a light cool breeze and some drizzle.  We’re really blessed to live in such a beautiful place and should thank our lucky stars every moment we have #justsaying.
With the warmer season it’s inevitable that fresh cut flowers take some strain and we’d like to share with you our Top 5 tips to keep your flowers lasting longer and happy in your home or office.
Before we start it’s important to realise that flowers are alive and just like any living organism they need care, attention, respect and love.  At our Fabulous Flowers store in Cavendish Square we make sure that every flower we receive from our suppliers is given the respect it deserves.  We clean every bunch (something you won’t find leading supermarket chains doing) and we literally appreciate every bloom.
Here’s our guide to longer lasting blooms…
    1. CUT THE STEMS (at an angle). If you’ve received a Fabulous Flowers bouquet we’ve done that for you already but if you have purchased a fresh bouquet from another outlet be sure to cut the stems at an angle. Flowers love to be able to drink water from a cleanly cut stem. 
    2. FLOWERS LOVE FRESH WATER. Besides the obvious décor appeal of a crystal clear vase, flowers really appreciate fresh water every second day. If you have received an arrangement from us bear in mind that we create to suit the vase which means some stems are shorter than others.  Be sure to fill your vase with water to just below the top so that all the blooms can marinade in nature’s goodness. 
    3. PLACE YOUR FLOWERS IN A COOL AREA. Cut flowers don’t like to be anywhere near glaring sunlight. Keep them in a cool, lightly air-conditioned space where they can be appreciated.
    4. CUT FLOWER FOOD IS NOT REQUIRED. In the 35 years of being in the flower business we have never used flower food. It is a misconception that flowers last longer with this sugar water and the little sachet adds extra cost to your bouquet or arrangement which is simply unnecessary.
    5. LOVE THEM! Have you ever been into the most gorgeous garden alive with colour, texture and simply blooming fabulous? Most likely the avid gardener has found a way to connect to his/her flowers and plants in a way that makes them feel loved. Talk to them, appreciate them and look after them and you will receive tenfold.  Flowers truly are a blessing in our lives. 
Should you receive flowers from us remember that we have a 5 day guarantee.  If any of your flowers haven’t lasted we will replace them immediately for you so please bring them in so that we can take care of that for you.  Contact us on 021 674 7206/8 or email info@fabulousflowers.co.za
Have you browsed our online store yet?  Here’s the link for FABULOUS ONLINE http://www.fabulousflowers.co.za/collections/all






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