"Skeleton Flowers”

Say hello to the Skeleton Flower, a white woodland blossom whose petals turn crystal clear when they make contact with water.

Diphelleia grayi, the scientific name of the Skeleton Flower, can be found in only three parts of the world. The plant grows on moist, wooded mountainsides in colder regions of Japan, China and the Appalachian Mountains in the United States, and is instantly recognizable by its large, umbrella-like leaves.

Oh, and when the leaves dry out, they turn back to being white.

You can also watch these miraculous flowers in action in the video at the bottom of the post.

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Skeleton Flower Info

The flora of Asia provides a distinctive flavour to the home landscape. Planting skeleton flowers bring in the ambience of Japan, China, Honshu, Hokkaido and the Yunnan province. These regions provide the mountainous wood habitat necessary for skeleton flower growing conditions.

These plants have a secret. When mountain rains arrive, the lovely blooms turn clear, glowing with pearly iridescence.

Diphylleia grayi is a deciduous perennial which dies back in winter. Its bloom time is May to July, when tiny white flowers with yellow centres burst onto the scene.

Not to be overshadowed, the large deeply lobed foliage spreads over the stems with umbrella-like character. The magic of the translucent blooms is a fascinating bit of skeleton flower info. Water seems to melt the colour out of the petals, turning them into windows of clear tissue. The tissue thin flowers are so delicate that moisture causes the effect.

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