6 Things Flowers Have Taught Us

Let’s face it life is busy and seems to be more chaotic for some these days.  To top it off it’s as if time has sped up and with so much to juggle there is very little time for rest but we’re ALIVE and we’re coping and it’s all good.

It’s been a very eventful year for us so far.  Our new online store, lots of events completed and more weddings confirmed in the coming months.  We consider ourselves to be very blessed and will not for one second take any of it for granted.  We owe a lot of this recent prosperity to God’s creation, flowers.  Although it may sound strange to some, flowers have had their way with us from day one.  Their subtle and gentle presence in our lives has given us immeasurable wisdom that we can only describe as poetry.

The list for how flowers have changed our life is endless but we have highlighted our top 10 for your enjoyment.

One. For some reason life has brought many people in need of love and compassion to our door.  This is not to say (by any means) that we are more special than anyone else, we are certainly not but that’s just what life has brought us.  We’ve witnessed first-hand how when these people start working with the flowers as therapy how their lives change.  The simple pleasure of working with nature in their hands seemed to relax brain synapses and create inner peace.  It’s been humbling to observe and we’ve seen some MAJOR life-changing moments.  Flowers are indeed a form of therapy.

Two. If you’ve been into our store you know we burn rose geranium oil in a burner.  Rose, the symbol of unconditional love permeates the air and the peace it has brought to a very busy space is quite profound.  Flower essences can really assist on so many levels but we do recommend that you chat to a natural health professional before purchasing.  The fragrance of flowers have taught us to taste life and drink from it with love.

Three. Patience.  Flowers grow and open in their own time and their own way.  It doesn’t matter whether they are picked from a garden or grown in tunnels, flowers do their own thing.  As a florist being patient is a true virtue.  We’ve met some hysterical Mother’s of the Bride in our time and without the tender nature of flowers we probably would have lost it a long time ago.

Four. Seeing beauty in the seemingly imperfection of life is a hard lesson to learn.  Everything can be perceived as beautiful and from that space love flourishes.  Flowers have taught us to seek the beauty in life, to stand back and appreciate even the most challenging of times.  We’re still learning this every day.

Five. There is a time and a place for everything.  Our world would be so boring if all flowers were available throughout every season.  We so look forward to the abundance of freesias that come off the farm trucks smelling exquisite and showing off for all to admire.  We love how South African peonies are only available for a month.  Flowers are the sage of timekeeping.

Six. Being authentically yourself is another lesson we all need to learn.  We grow up listening to the ideals of our parents and elders and gradually we start to create our own sense of self.  For some this seems easier than others as the pop stars of the world illustrate but the real truth is that we all need to stand in our own power to make any significant difference to our world.  Flowers are what they are, they don’t try to be something else.  They don’t cover up their blemishes or compete to win over friends. 

We celebrate the marriage of a happy couple, the birth of their children, the formals, the anniversaries, birthday’s, the ‘I love you’s’ and finally we mourn the passing of a loved one.  Throughout all of this life, flowers are the tapestry in our lives.  Their very presence comforts us in sad moments and highlights the joys. 

Thank you flowers.  We love you.

Visit our store in Cavendish Square and come and enjoy the beautiful fragrance, even if it just for a moment.  XX00


Feb 19, 2015

Thank you for sharing these precious lessons. It truly is a blessing to work with the fragrant beauty of flowers. And the greater blessing is the ability to extract such deep value from your work. Thank you, Fabulous Flowers!

Feb 19, 2015

Like number 2. Love walking by the store smelling the rose geranium oil.


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