Create Your Own Flower Crown in 10 Simple Steps

Create Your Own Flower Crown in 10 Simple Steps

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There’s a softness about a crown of flowers, and when you’re wearing one it’s almost impossible not to feel elegant and filled with an air of grace. We’ve put together ten easy steps for you to follow in creating your very own crown of flowers with our blog post, Create Your Own Flower Crown in 10 Simple Steps.
Go on – have a look!

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  • 2 pieces of green florist wire  - it needs to be thick but bendable 
  • Green florist tape 
  • A good pair of scissors 
  • Ribbon 
  • Flowers (from top left to right) – completely up to you but for this crown, we used – Roses, Asters, Status, Viburnum, lace flower and heather. 
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(except for the glue gun and scissors).
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Tightly wrap florist tape around one end of each piece of wire. You can wrap it down to around 10 cm on each piece of wire.

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Form a loop at the end of each piece of wire. You do this by bending the end you have just wrapped with florist tape in half.

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Tightly secure the loop using florist tape. Wrap this around the wire. Make sure you have done this on both ends of each piece of wire.  


Tightly secure the loop using florist tape. Wrap this around the wire. Make sure you have done this on both ends of each piece of wire. 

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Decoration time!

Start with a base of greenery. In this case, we used Viburnum, but you can also use Pennygum or Ivy – basically anything with small, dainty leaves. Use the florist tape to tightly wrap the stem of the flower/greenery around the wire. Start at one end and work your way down. Make sure to leave the loops exposed on either end.


Use the florist tape to play with colour combinations and height. Add the chosen flowers. Florist’s tip: Pairing a rose with some lace or heather creates a fuller look and makes the process a bit quicker.  Make sure you are wrapping the florist tape very tightly and cutting it off as you finish with each flower.

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Your flower crown should be filling up nicely as you add more and more flowers working down the wire.

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You may find that as your crown gets fuller, it will become a bit more
difficult to wrap the florist tape around it.
Florist’s tip: Use your glue gun to attach flowers to the wire in areas that
are hard to reach.
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When you have the bulk of your chosen flowers attached, use the glue gun to fill in the gaps.
Break the stems off of the flowers and attach the remaining section with a blob of glue. 

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Now for the final step.

Measure a piece of ribbon to roughly 30 cm. Thread the ribbon through each loop. This will make your crown adjustable and allow you to tie it in a bow at the back. The crown should be able to sit comfortably on your head. 


Wear your beautiful piece with pride.

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We love flowers and believe they’re suitable for any occasion. Wear them in your hair, around your neck and most certainly on your head as a crown. The beauty to photograph and enjoy for moments that last for ages.

Share your unique flower crowns with us through any of our communication means – Instagram is a must. We love hearing from you!

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